Supriya Sinha, Ph.D

Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

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Passionate about catalyzing innovation in cancer therapeutics and empowering early-stage startups, Supriya Sinha, Ph.D., now serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at TMC. With a dynamic background spanning technology transfer, venture capital, and biotech entrepreneurship, Supriya brings expertise in translating scientific discoveries into tangible patient and commercial benefits. Formerly serving as the Assistant Director of Commercialization Relations at UT Southwestern Medical Center, Supriya played a pivotal role in expanding commercialization opportunities and fostering strategic partnerships to nurture the biotech ecosystem in North Texas. With prior experience at Bios Partners, Supriya honed her expertise in biotech and life science investing, contributing to significant advancements in innovative technologies aimed at positively impacting patients’ lives. Now, in her role at TMC, Supriya is committed to supporting and promoting the acceleration of novel cancer therapeutics, providing invaluable mentorship and strategic guidance to participating companies. Supriya holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

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