Uniting the Best Minds in Medicine to
Drive Life Science Innovation

Uniting the Best Minds in Medicine to
Drive Life Science Innovation


For over 75 years, TMC has been home to the brightest minds in medicine and life science. Our tradition of excellence continues today with leading academic institutions, top hospitals, visionary start-ups, and industry partners collaborating within our ecosystem to advance health, education, and research. From discovery and development to manufacturing and commercialization, TMC is helping position Houston at the forefront of life science innovation.

$ 850 M

NIH Funding in (2020)

2000 +

clinical trials annually

225 +

active start-up life science companies


Core CPRIT Facilities

Bringing Life-Saving Advancements to Life

Every day, the world-renowned individuals and institutions of TMC and Houston are making strides in the advancement of innovative new therapies. Each inventive discovery represents a critical step toward making patients’ lives not only better, but also longer.

An Infrastructure Built for Collaborative Breakthroughs

The unique infrastructure of TMC provides an environment where collaboration is widespread and welcome. Whether enabling the united efforts of academic leaders and world-class hospitals or the shared vision of emerging start-ups and industry partners, TMC continually fosters collaborative discovery to speed the development of new solutions.

Industry Partnerships that Turn Visions into Realities

Throughout its history, TMC has leveraged industry partnerships to help ensure the highest quality patient care. Our partnerships extend even further today, with collaborative initiatives that include TMC Helix Park, TMC Innovation Factory, and TMC BioPort. From idea to implementation, we are propelling the commercialization of medical advancements by promoting never-before synergies.


A Research Ecosystem Where Sharing Speeds Discovery

Research is at the core of all we do. In addition to the proprietary explorations of TMC Medical Campus institutions, TMC Helix Park enables collaborative translational research and TMC Innovation Factory drives visionary solutions. We also partner with the $6 billion Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) and other critical initiatives. What’s more, the TMC Medical Campus network of our 10 million annual patients are unrivaled in diversity in terms of both socioeconomics and medical challenges. As a result, we are a leader in NIH funding and host more clinical trials than any other US site.