The Largest Medical Complex In The World

In the early 1940’s, a group of visionary Houstonians conceived a world-class medical district – Texas Medical Center (TMC). Over the past seven decades, the original 144 acres has grown to over 1,345 acres sitting at the heart of Houston. Today, TMC is home to 106,000 employees, 50,000 life science students and thousands of volunteers. More than 160,000 people visit TMC daily with over 10 million patient encounters annually.

As a center of innovation advancing life sciences through collaboration, education and research, TMC is well positioned to continue its evolution in the coming years. Over the next five years, TMC will expand its 50 million square feet of medical, research, and office space with an additional 3 million square feet currently in the planning stages

TMC Architectural Standards Campus Construction

Texas Medical Center (TMC) and Member Institutions desire that the campuses are accessible, attractive, and safe for all campus participants. Pursuit of managed growth through master planning and infrastructure coordination is the common goal. To this end, TMC has established and adopted Architectural Standards as provided for in the Charter and Restrictions Governing Texas Medical Center, Houston, Texas.