Event Calendar

Jan 27 Fri

Oncologic Emergency Medicine Conference 2023

This conference aims to continue to fill the knowledge gap in oncologic emergency medicine by providing information in an interactive forum that in turn enhances medical decision-making by healthcare providers. The proposed program will cover a variety of topics including: • Barriers to Care • Goals of Care • Innovations in the Treatment of DVT-New […]

Jan 27 Fri

Dr. John Elrod, PhD- Metabolic control of fibroblast fate and cardiac fibrosis

We recently reported that glutaminolysis is essential for the epigenetic changes permissive to activation of the myofibroblast differentiation program and cardiac fibrosis. In fact, targeting these pathways is sufficient to reverse fibrosis in models of heart failure. These findings implicate metabolic remodeling as a critical feature of myofibroblast formation and persistence in the diseased heart. […]

Jan 28 Sat


This half day virtual symposium will discuss topics such as recent ACC consensus on the role of non-statin therapies in care of patients with cardiovascular disease, updated ACC/AHA guidelines for heart failure management, identify patients that would benefit from multiple arterial conduits in coronary artery bypass and how post operative management differs, treatment strategies and […]

Feb 03 Fri

Cardiology Grand Rounds

Texas Heart Institute Cardiology Grand Rounds Grand Rounds provides a weekly opportunity to learn from leading medical and surgical experts, sharing the latest advancements and innovation in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Feb 04 Sat

8th Annual Houston Heart Failure Summit

This activity provides a comprehensive update on the prevention, diagnosis and management of heart failure and its multiple comorbid conditions. Expert-led lectures, panel discussions, and case-based presentations cover the latest treatments and updates on both cardiac and non-cardiac comorbidities related to chronic heart failure.

Feb 11 Sat

Heart of a Woman

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States, yet many women are unaware of their risk factors and potential symptoms, which differ from those of men. Increased awareness is key to preventing heart problems. Thus, Heart of a Woman is designed to educate women about the gender-specific symptoms, diagnosis and […]