Event Calendar

Feb 28 Wed

2024 Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers & Babies (TCHMB) Summit

The Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers and Babies (TCHMB) is proud to host its annual summit, bringing together professionals, experts, and advocates from across the perinatal healthcare spectrum. This year, we are diving deep into the theme of “Leading Change and Fostering Collaboration in Perinatal Quality Involvement.” Our aim is to inspire, educate, and empower […]

Mar 01 Fri

The Collective Soul Symposium

Spirituality and religiosity are recognized as factors that contribute to quality of life and coping strategies in many persons facing life-threatening illnesses. These life-threatening events can also give rise to spiritual distress. When combined with chronic or acute pain and other physical and psychological symptoms, spiritual distress can be a component of a patient’s total […]

Mar 01 Fri

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Health Care Workforce Influencing Policies

Memorial Hermann Health System Nursing Institute is providing learners with a perspective into Health Care Politics and Policies. This in-person activity will increase the learner’s knowledge and professional practice by understanding different ways to advocate for their healthcare profession and patients. The learner will improve their knowledge on the different innovations involving Academic Nursing Programs […]

Mar 03 Sun

Women’s History Month Celebration – Texas Medical Center Orchestra

Presented by Texas Medical Center Orchestra Step into the mesmerizing world of the Texas Medical Center Orchestra for our second concert of the 2023-2024 season. We invite you to embark on a musical voyage that will take your senses on a captivating journey. Our musical odyssey commences with Claude Debussy’s “Fêtes,” a luminous composition from […]

Mar 20 Wed

Window in the Creative Mind

Neuro-engineer Jose Luis Contreras-Vidal and composer Anthony Brandt present a public demonstration of their research into the neural signatures of musical improvisation. Pianist Chelsea de Souza, a classical and jazz musician, will wear a portable EEG cap while improvising variations on musical themes provided by the research team. The activity relayed by the EEG cap […]