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Jul 15 Mon

Summer Camp at The Health Museum – DNA Discoveries

Did you know that DNA stores every single detail about you like your eye color? Learn more about DNA through this exciting hands on camp. Campers will be engaged through different hands on activities such as designing 3D DNA models and performing DNA extraction on fruit! Note to MUSEUM MEMBERS: Please sign in or register […]

Jul 15 Mon

Summer Camp at The Health Museum – Forensics

Dive into the fascinating world of Forensics science! Young detectives will unravel mysteries through hands-on activities like fingerprint analysis, DNA decoding, and crime scene simulations. Our expert instructors will guide campers in honing their investigative skills while fostering teamwork and critical thinking. Get ready for a summer of intrigue, discovery, and fun! Note to MUSEUM […]

Jul 15 Mon

Summer Camp at The Health Museum – Grossed Out Science

Did you know that the record for projectile vomit is 27 feet? Or that the acid in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve metal? Campers will discover loads of horribly fantastic experiments! Learn about these gross facts, make your own simutalted snot, blood wounds, “poop” and more! This camp is great for kids who […]

Jul 22 Mon

Summer Camp at The Health Museum – Cellcraft

Embark on a microscopic adventure where budding scientists dive into the fascinating universe of cells! From the nucleus to the cell membrane, campers will explore the building blocks of life through hands-on experiments, such as working with various microbial agents, viewing chromosomes, researching and learning about different diseases, interactive games, and DNA detective challenges. Get […]

Jul 22 Mon

Summer Camp at The Health Museum – CSI

Start your journey to become a forensic scientist! Tap into your investigative strengths. Investigate medical mysteries that depend on forensic science to solve. Collaborate on a team to create a scene for others to solve. You will enjoy securing, gathering, processing, interpreting and solving throughout this camp! Note to MUSEUM MEMBERS: Please sign in or […]