TMC Innovation Companies

Texas Medical Center Innovation forms, fosters, recruits, and funds healthcare and life science startups from around the world that are writing the future of healthcare. In collaboration with key stakeholders from our TMC members as well as our global network of advisors and embedded corporate partners, we perform diligence on the companies seeking to progress toward clinical and business milestones. We align these resources through our globally recognized programs, our coworking space, and our corporate partners. We’ve featured a few below, or view the filterable list of all 200+ companies.

2023 TMCi Healthtech Accelerator Companies

Bloom Standard (Roseville, MN) – Bloom Standard is deploying the first self-driving pediatric ultrasound to earlier diagnose heart and lung conditions in primary care, remote and under-resourced areas.

Ejenta (San Francisco, CA) – Ejenta automates remote monitoring and care using AI technology exclusively licensed from NASA. ‘Intelligent agents’ learn from connected devices, claims and EMR data to monitor patients, predict health and to provide automated support for patients and automated workflow for clinicians.

Kintsugi (Berkely, CA) – Kintsugi is on a mission to see mental health more clearly by developing novel voice biomarker infrastructure to detect signs of depression and anxiety from short clips of free form speech.

Lana Health (San Francisco, CA) – Lana is modernizing patient experiences, across the care continuum with an end-to-end, scalable platform, enabling frictionless care transitions, high patient satisfaction and better clinical outcomes.

Liberate Medical (Crestwood, KY) – Liberate Medical improves outcomes for mechanically ventilated patients using its breakthrough, non-invasive, respiratory muscle protective, neurostimulation device, VentFree.

Limbix (Palo Alto, CA) – Limbix is improving mental health with accessible technology. Limbix creates Digital Therapeutics that can be used to increase access to affordable, effective behavioral health care by giving providers immediate, safe, and evidenced based treatment options.

Nua Surgical (Galway, Ireland) – Nua Surgical is an award-winning Irish start-up dedicated to innovating in women’s health. Their novel C-Section retractor improves access and visualization during delivery, making it a safer surgery.

Prana Thoracic (Houston, TX) – Prana Thoracic is dedicated to developing solutions for the detection and intervention of early-stage lung cancer. They are developing the first minimally invasive, tissue-sparing nodulectomy tool for early interception of suspicious pulmonary nodules.

TMC Biodesign Companies Launched

Developing potential therapies for congestive heart failure

Eliminates the guesswork, frustrations, and pain from spinal punctures

Minimally invasive gallbladder ablation solution that gives patients the benefits of surgery, without the risk

Reverse engineering the microbiome

Virtual personal assistants for complex care patients

Transforming post-operative recovery through regenerative medicine solutions

Guiding difficult conversations between providers and their elderly patients, starting with end-of-life healthcare

Corveus Medical – creating a minimally invasive, catheter-based device for nerve ablation

XN Health – helping mechanically ventilated patients wean off the ventilator faster

Pausing damage during ischemic stroke

We’ve supported 200+ companies from concept to scale up

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