TMC Innovation Companies

Texas Medical Center Innovation forms, fosters, recruits, and funds healthcare and life science startups from around the world that are writing the future of healthcare. In collaboration with key stakeholders from our TMC members as well as our global network of advisors and embedded corporate partners, we perform diligence on the companies seeking to progress toward clinical and business milestones. We align these resources through our globally recognized programs, our coworking space, and our corporate partners. We’ve featured a few below, or view the filterable list of all 200+ companies.

2024 TMCi Healthtech Accelerator Companies


Acorai is developing a first-of-its-kind, hand-held, scalable medical device for non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring to improve heart failure management for more than 64 million patients worldwide.

Aevice Health developed a connected care platform powered by the world’s smallest smart wearable stethoscope to support chronic respiratory disease patients through their continuum of care.

AirSeal developed a novel serum-based biomarker technology – circulating fatty acid synthase (cFAS) – that can diagnose cardiovascular and peripheral artery disease with high accuracy in both women and men.

Candlelit Care is a point-of-care digital platform focused on the prevention of perinatal mental and anxiety disorders (PMADs) among Black women and birthing parents.

Knowtex artificial intelligence-powered software writes medical documentation for you and assigns correct codes to ensure proper reimbursement.

NeuroBell is developing a novel medical device providing portable EEG monitoring with real-time & automated neonatal seizure alerts at the bedside.

OncoRes Medical is developing an intraoperative imaging technology to provide surgeons with real-time assessment of tissue microstructure.

Steradian Technologies’ RUMI is the first noninvasive, fully portable infectious disease diagnostic that costs the price of a latte. It uses novel photon-based detection to collect and diagnose infectious diseases in breath within 30 seconds.

Foxo serves as an interoperable tool designed to enhance clinical collaboration across the healthcare ecosystem. It enables secure, two-way communication with features such as video, voice, screen share, file sharing, and real-time messaging.

Thrive Health’s platform is a low-code framework for designing and delivering patient engagement solutions. Create tools that enable partners to close healthcare gaps quickly, strengthen care relationships, and improve patient experience and outcomes.

TMC Biodesign Companies Launched

Developing potential therapies for congestive heart failure

IntuiTap Medical Eliminates the guesswork, frustrations, and pain from spinal punctures.

Minimally invasive gallbladder ablation solution that gives patients the benefits of surgery, without the risk

Reverse engineering the microbiome

Virtual personal assistants for complex care patients

Transforming post-operative recovery through regenerative medicine solutions

Guiding difficult conversations between providers and their elderly patients, starting with end-of-life healthcare

Corveus Medical – creating a minimally invasive, catheter-based device for nerve ablation.

XN Health – helping mechanically ventilated patients wean off the ventilator faster

Pausing damage during ischemic stroke

Ember Sleep is the next-generation medical device to treat sleep apnea. They are creating a non-invasive treatment that is both effective and comfortable for patients. 

ParaDocs Health: Revolutionizing the healthcare landscape with Augmented Intelligence, liberating physicians from paperwork, and supercharging clinical decision-making.

Bairitone streamlines sleep apnea care by providing non-invasive anatomic diagnosis in a highly scalable way.

Taurus Vascular (Houston, TX) is pioneering a new era of aortic aneurysm treatment by developing minimally invasive catheter solutions to drive better long-term patient outcomes.

We’ve supported 200+ companies from concept to scale up

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