TMCx is a medical device and digital health accelerator focused on clinical partnerships to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes

Every year health care startups from around the world join the TMCx program to start, build, and sustain their pathway to success. During this experience they are connected with our network of top-tier hospitals and seasoned advisors that will prepare their products for clinical validation, funding, and deployment into the world’s largest medical city – the Texas Medical Center member hospitals.

About TMCx:

Through TMCx, emerging digital health and medical device startups have access to the world’s largest medical center. The TMC Innovation team enables connectivity to mentors, service providers, clinical champions, and corporate partners who share the commitment of improving access, quality, and cost of healthcare.

Startups from around the world join the TMCx program to start, build, and sustain relationships with our member institutions and corporate partners. Each company experiences a customized journey as they are embedded into a community of top-tier hospitals and seasoned mentors. At TMCx, we help you navigate opportunities for clinical validation and deployment into the world’s largest medical marketplace – the Texas Medical Center.

Participants further develop their companies by engaging with experts in every facet of running a health-related business: clinical trials, FDA regulations, compliance, hospital procurement, commercial pilots, intellectual property, licensing, fundraising, marketing and other critical areas.

TMCx is tailored to support companies who have at least demonstrated proof of concept and are positioned for enterprise-level conversations. The TMC Innovation team collaborates with each medical device or digital health company through strategic introductions across the world’s largest medical complex. Our focus is working with companies to identify the right strategic partner. Embedded industry and academic partners provide world-class insights on the pathways to market, enabling our companies to be successful at every turn. Startups that experience TMCx expect success.


We provide access, insight, and strategic guidance to companies who drive value to our member institutions.

How the Program Works

Following the application period, a small subset of finalists will be selected for further diligence through TMCx Bootcamp.

TMCx Bootcamp is a no strings attached engagement engineered to determine the most suitable match between participating companies and TMC members and partners. In addition, teams will be connected with mentors and clinical stakeholders who will advise on clinical and business strategy. A subset of Bootcamp companies will be accepted into the TMCx program.

TMCx Bootcamp unlocked a number of meaningful relationships that strengthened our business in a short amount of time.”  

– Atandra Burman, CEO of RCE Technologies, Inc., TMCx Company

Following TMCx Bootcamp, a subset of companies will be accepted into TMCx, a six month program focused on maturing these strategic relationships.

We measure success based on participating companies securing traction within the Texas Medical Center and its affiliated partners. 


The TMC Innovation team has carefully curated our mentor network to be able to match each company with an expert that will help to unlock your next milestone. From strategic planning to specific advice in health care regulations, we have an expert ready to provide key strategic insights.

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