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Mood and substance use disorders are chronic conditions that affect 1 in 4 American adults, but current care modalities are abysmal at retaining patients, with 57 percent of patients dropping out of psychotherapy in less than 3 of 10 sessions. Sunrise Health is using artificial intelligence to scale a ubiquitous, sticky, and cost-effective source of patient engagement: fellow patients.

Sunrise has built a mobile platform for text-based group therapy integrated with natural language processing (NLP) algorithms that understand the emotional sentiment of sent messages. Patient are placed in support groups of five to 10 peers they can text into at anytime, from anywhere.

Groups are moderated by providers from our client organization, who manage this 24/7 access for patients with help from our NLP tools, which detect critical content and catch complications early. Patients get the relatability of peer support, leading to better engagement and outcomes, while providers are efficiently directed to the patients most in need, increasing capacities.

“Our whole model revolves around integrating with existing providers, so being at TMC, the largest medical center in the world, makes us incredibly excited and honored as we continue deploying our technology in different contexts,” Shrenik Jain, Founder.