UTMB providing global leadership in health care administration

UTMB providing global leadership in health care administration

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The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston has been tasked with developing new standards that will help improve health care administrative efficiencies globally.

UTMB has been named by the International Organization of Standardization and the American National Standards Institute, secretariat, of the new Technical Committee 304 for Healthcare Administration.

“UTMB welcomes the challenge to lead the development of knowledge and emerging solutions in a relatively untouched but crucial aspect of health care delivery,” said Dr. David L. Callender, president of UTMB. “We are uniquely positioned to help our global colleagues respond to the demand for lower cost and higher value health care experiences, while remaining dedicated to delighted patients and beneficial clinical outcomes.”

UTMB will guide the committee as members develop management practices and metrics that will help to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance the patient experience for health care entities around the globe.

“UTMB looks forward to building a future where all stakeholders can confidently anticipate effective health care services whether in clinical or non-clinical aspects of their care,” Callender said.

In addition to the committee, UTMB will also facilitate the formation of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group which represents the interests of U.S. stakeholders in the global development of health care administration standards. UTMB will serve as administrator and oversee the recruitment of technical experts from across the nation.

The recent designation comes after UTMB was previously accredited by ANSI as a standards developing organization in health care administration.

“With more than $360 billion spent annually on health care administration in the U.S., reducing costs and streamlining administrative processes in health care is a critical national priority,” said S. Joe Bhatia, president and chief executive officer of ANSI, the U.S. member body to ISO. “The newly formed ISO TC 304 shows great promise in tackling inefficiencies in health care administration worldwide, and ANSI proudly supports UTMB’s leadership role as acting secretariat on behalf of the United States.”

To learn more about UTMB’s involvement in developing global standards or how to participate in standards development projects, please email

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