Creating a Medical Hub in Houston

The Center for Device Innovation @ Texas Medical Center will provide a forward-thinking environment that accelerates the device development process from concept to commercialization.  CDI @ TMC will accelerate the development of breakthrough medical device solutions by providing rapid prototyping for early and mid-stage development.  As a state-of-the-art facility, CDI @ TMC has several dedicated spaces that house specialized equipment that allows for rapid prototyping and provides a comparable test environment to allow for device testing onsite.

The Space

  • Private and Share
  • Electronics and Mechanical Testing Wet Lab
  • 3D Printing Lab
  • Dissection Lab
  • Chemical Lab
  • VR prototyping Suite
  • Tools and Consumable Cabinet
  • Prototyping Machine Shop run By Machinist
  • Conference Room
  • Shared Kitchen and Break Area
  • Programming and Events
  • Med Tech Entrepreneurship Leadership Experience

The Community

Beyond the cutting-edge facilities and resources for rapid prototyping and development, one of the most significant advantages of leasing space at the Center for Device Innovation @ Texas Medical Center is the vibrant community it fosters. Entrepreneurs and startups coexisting within CDI @ TMC form a collaborative ecosystem, enabling the exchange of ideas, expertise, and insights. This sense of community encourages open communication and facilitates cross-disciplinary collaborations, ultimately leading to enhanced innovation and accelerated progress in the medical device field. Tenants have the unique opportunity to tap into a supportive network of like-minded individuals and experienced advisors, creating a dynamic environment that nurtures creativity, problem-solving, and success.

Unlock Medical Device Innovation at CDI @ TMC

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Companies at CDI @ TMC

Bloom Standard (Roseville, MN) – Bloom Standard is deploying the first self-driving pediatric ultrasound to earlier diagnose heart and lung conditions in primary care, remote and under-resourced areas.

Taurus Vascular (Houston, TX) is pioneering a new era of aortic aneurysm treatment. At Taurus Vascular, we are developing a catheter-based technology aimed at improving endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR) by providing a comprehensive solution for endoleak treatment and prevention, ultimately reducing complications and improving long-term patient outcomes.

Bairitone is building a scalable diagnostic system for sleep apnea anatomy utilizing a home-use wearable, passive Sonar technology, & AI techniques

Corveus Medical is developing a catheter-based solution that treats congestive heart failure by performing a single denervation procedure.

Noleus Technologies is dedicated to advancing post-surgery outcomes by reducing swelling. Our pioneering product targets postoperative ileus, setting a new standard with proprietary technology that expedites bowel function recovery after abdominal surgery.

Prana Thoracic (Houston, TX) – Prana Thoracic is dedicated to developing solutions for the detection and intervention of early-stage lung cancer. They are developing the first minimally invasive, tissue-sparing nodulectomy tool for early interception of suspicious pulmonary nodules.

In stroke, time is brain. NeuraStasis is driven by its mission to improve stroke care by developing novel neurostimulation technologies that provide protection and enhance recovery in stroke survivors.

We are Vivifi Medical, a MedTech startup located in Houston TX. Our revolutionary minimally invasive treatment addresses Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) through a laparoscopic approach by connecting two blood vessels. Our mission is to surpass the current standard of care and restore freedom, independence, and quality of life to all patients living with BPH.

M&S Biotics developed an autonomous IoT solution to detect, track, count, and locate surgical items within the operating room in real-time. This effectively automates the surgical counting process while providing downstream analytics regarding instrument utilization.

TYBR Orthopedic surgeons prioritize speed and efficiency. Our hydrogel offers quick, reliable, cost-effective solutions for post-op recovery, safeguarding soft tissue structures, reducing pain, enhancing functionality, and expediting full recovery.

MS Pen is a tech bio company commercializing AI-powered molecular devices to guide surgical decision-making and treatment options for patients with cancer.


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