Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Thanks to your hard work, dedication, and sacrifices, we were able to collect and analyze critical data to track the virus’s impact on the greater Houston community. Your unwavering commitment to keeping our communities safe and healthy has truly made a difference in the fight against COVID-19. We are proud to have worked alongside you during this challenging time and will continue to support our communities in any way we can.

A message from William F. McKeon, President & Chief Executive Officer of Texas Medical Center.   

“After three years of tracking and reporting COVID-19 data, Texas Medical Center is posting its final COVID dashboard today. The dashboards began in April 2020, when little was known about the virus and its repercussions. From the start, individuals, and organizations across TMC and beyond united to mitigate COVID’s impact on our healthcare system and the Greater Houston community.

As we bring this critical initiative to an end, we would like to express our gratitude to those who joined in collecting and sharing such important information. Thank you to the TMC CEOs who met every morning at 7am, seven days a week, for well over a year to analyze our collective data in real-time, ensuring prompt, well-informed decisions. Thank you to each of the teams within TMC that played a role in our response, the clinical, the supply chain, the data, the HR, the ethics, and the pharmacy teams all came together and supported each other.      

We are equally grateful to our close partners, the City of Houston Mayor’s office, the Harris County Judge’s office, Houston public health department, Harris County Public Health Department, and the Greater Houston Partnership, as well as to regional public health officials, church and school leaders, business community members, and the many others who committed to our efforts without hesitation.

This unprecedented undertaking demanded a significant investment of time and resources, including extensive data collection, analysis, and organization at each institution. Approximately 7,800 meeting hours were spent addressing this health emergency together, with an additional 30,000 hours shaping the dashboards’ 2,700 PowerPoint and Excel files. The resultant data was used by public health officials, businesses, the media, and individuals to inform key decisions, such as when to reopen schools or how to gather for family celebrations. In addition, COVID pages on the TMC web site were viewed almost 25 million times.

 Although the dashboards were the most visible signal of TMC’s public health efforts, they were only one part of an intense collaboration to support public health and maintain a strong economy. We are confident that if Houston ever faces another crisis of this magnitude, our collaborative effort over the last three years will serve as a guidebook, allowing TMC and its partners to once again respond efficiently and effectively.     

History will reflect on the recent pandemic as one of the greatest health crises the world has ever faced. As we close this chapter of our lives, I am extremely grateful to so many people who sacrificed without delay or reservation to protect and guide our community.

Thank you again for all you did to help us understand, address, and manage this historic health event.”


With warmest regards and appreciation,

William F. McKeon
President and Chief Executive Officer Texas Medical Center


COVID-19 Reporting Statistics

April 26, 2020

First Deck Created

1100 ~

Days Reporting

12.6 GB

of Analysis Generated Data


Powerpoint and Supporting Excel Files

30000 +

Person Hours Spent on Decks


Person Hours in Meetings


CEO Hours Spent on Collaborative Meetings

25000000 +

Pageviews on all COVID-19 related URLs


Total Pageviews since March 2020


Sessions with the highest number of views in a single day

Remember to follow reliable sources regarding COVID-19 in Houston. Harris County Public Health, Houston Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are trusted sources regarding all COVID-19 information.

The Houston Health Department has opened a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) call center for Houston residents needing more information about coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Houstonians can call the center at 832-393-4220 to speak to department staff and obtain information about the disease or get their questions answered.

Houston healthcare providers can continue to call 832-393-5080

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