Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Texas Medical Center has been working diligently with the totality of its member institutions and both city and county officials to closely monitor the evolving Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and to develop an appropriate action plan as it relates to keeping citizens informed and prepared with up-to-date resources, guidelines, and ways to be vigilant when it comes to personal health protocol.

Texas Medical Center has been sharing a set of metrics to better track how Houston is doing in its fight against COVID-19. These metrics will change from daily to weekly data. We will publish all data from the week prior on Monday mornings.

TMC COVID-19 Vaccine

Several Texas Medical Center (TMC) Hospitals have received shipments of the COVID-19 vaccines. TMC Members have released a  joint statement  in support of vaccines while reinforcing the continued importance of social measures to prevent spread of COVID-19.

Search for COVID-19 Vaccine Availability here. Availability of COVID-19 vaccines is based on shipping information and reporting directly by facilities. Please contact providers directly to confirm location and hours.
Register for the COVID-19 Vaccine here.

Key Resources

Remember to follow reliable sources regarding COVID-19 in Houston. Harris County Public Health, Houston Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are trusted sources regarding all COVID-19 information.

The Texas Department of State Health Services has a dedicated call center to answer your questions/concerns. The call center is available Monday- Friday 7AM to 6PM: 1-877-570-9779.

The Houston Health Department has opened a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) call center for Houston residents needing more information about coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Houstonians can call the center at 832-393-4220 to speak to department staff and obtain information about the disease or get their questions answered.

Houston healthcare providers can continue to call 832-393-5080

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TMC continues to believe that data on positivity rate, vaccination rate, hospitalizations, etc. are important to supporting our community in managing its response to COVID-19.  However, at this time, we are seeing limited changes over the course of a week and believe that week over week data reporting provides the necessary information to the community.  We stand ready to restart daily reporting should the situation require it.

We want to thank our members for their commitment to transparency and public health; we recognize that collecting and reporting the data on a daily basis since the beginning of the pandemic has been a serious investment in our community.