Texas Medical Center's Demo Day at the TMC Inovation Hub in Houston, Thursday Nov. 16, 2023. (Photo by Michael Stravato)

Unveiling Progress: Latest Developments from TMCi’s Accelerator for HealthTech Cohort

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In the hub of healthcare innovation at Texas Medical Center Innovation’s Accelerator for HealthTech, a new wave of groundbreaking startups emerges. A handpicked selection of HealthTech pioneers receives a coveted invitation to join the program after an intensive bootcamp. Hailing from diverse corners of the globe—from the tech corridors of Texas and California to Ireland and Australia—these companies converge with a shared mission—to move healthcare forward. Positioned at the forefront of healthcare advancement, TMCi Accelerator for HealthTech offers startups unparalleled visability to top-tier hospitals, seasoned advisors, and direct counsel from TMC Venture Fund, streamlining their path to impactful clinical integration. Through personalized mentorship and guidance, these eight companies are able to navigate complex challenges and refine their strategies, while leveraging the expertise of Texas Medical Center ecosystem to validate their innovations and drive real-world impact.

AcorAI, headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden, is set to revolutionize heart failure management with its pioneering hand-held, scalable medical device aimed at non-invasive intracardiac pressure monitoring. Since joining the program, AcorAI’s journey has been marked by exciting developments, particularly the initiation of clinical partnerships in Texas, with plans for expanding pilots and early commercial partnerships in Houston. From the discovery work conducted during the program, crucial insights have emerged, highlighting the importance of generating evidence to facilitate hospital buying decisions and tailoring sales strategies to meet the diverse needs of different healthcare institutions. Having the opportunity to engage with leaders in the cardiac space such as Dr. Billy Cohn from Center for Device Innovation, has been invaluable, providing AcorAI with expert guidance and a deep well of experience to draw upon, ultimately propelling them closer to their goal of transforming heart failure management on a global scale.
Based in St. Louis, MO, AirSeal has been blazing a trail with its groundbreaking serum-based biomarker technology, circulating fatty acid synthase (cFAS), capable of diagnosing cardiovascular and peripheral artery disease with remarkable accuracy. Since joining the Accelerator for HealthTech, AirSeal has achieved significant milestones within the first two months. The invaluable guidance received during bootcamp, particularly from expert consultants, has propelled the company forward, facilitating the recruitment of key executive talent, including a seasoned CEO with a proven track record in early business development and commercialization. Additionally, forging collaborations with contract manufacturers has been instrumental, with agreements established with major players in their target areas, laying a solid foundation for product development and preparing for FDA approval. Working  closely with Entrepreneurs in Residence, Zaffer Syed and John Reale from TMC Venture Fund, has been transformative, with their unwavering commitment to AirSeal’s success evident in their collaborative efforts spanning pitch deck refinement, strategy development, and financial planning.

In the heart of Brisbane, Australia, Foxo has been making waves with its innovative interoperable tool designed to streamline clinical collaboration within the healthcare ecosystem. Within the dynamic TMCi ecosystem, they found themselves immersed in a wealth of resources and connections, with invaluable introductions to advisors spanning legal, regulatory, and marketing domains, aiding them in strategizing their US market penetration. Through discovery work, Foxo gained critical insights with clinical and venture capital advisors, including the importance of focusing on a specific segment of the market. This led them to negotiate pilot programs, starting with radiology, where their successes have been most pronounced. As Foxo continues its journey, it stands poised to revolutionize clinical collaboration on a global scale, thanks to the invaluable experiences and connections forged within the Texas Medical Center ecosystem.
Knowtex, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, is revolutionizing medical documentation processes with its artificial intelligence-powered software, ensuring accurate coding for proper reimbursement. The collaborative environment fostered by the TMCi team has deepened Knowtex’s understanding of the Texas Medical Center’s health systems, paving the way for crucial connections and generating strong interest. Through rigorous discovery work, Knowtex has fine-tuned their communication strategies, aided by comprehensive knowledge and advisory support, leading to a clearer articulation of their product’s value proposition and a shift towards a more vertical orientation. Notably, Knowtex was recently nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as a top leader in trustworthy, ambient AI to automatically take notes for the doctor and patient and reduce healthcare worker burnout.

NeuroBell, hailing from Cork, Ireland, is on a groundbreaking mission to develop a novel medical device that provides portable EEG monitoring with real-time and automated neonatal seizure alerts at the bedside. Since joining TMCi Accelerator for HealthTech they’ve garnered valuable feedback from TMC’s hospital systems, specifically doors have opened to various departments and clinical leaders, enabling NeuroBell to redefine their clinical needs and expand their focus. Through discovery work within the program, they’ve gained crucial insights into the differences between public and private health systems, particularly between Ireland and the US, speeding up their go-to-market strategy and long-term planning.

OncoRes Medical, headquartered in Australia, is making strides in advancing intraoperative imaging technology to provide surgeons with real-time assessments of tissue microstructure. Their participation in TMCi’s Accelerator for HealthTech has significantly accelerated their progress, particularly in grasping and navigating the complexities of the US healthcare market. Since joining the program, OncoRes Medical has launched their first clinical study outside of Western Australia, with ambitious plans to introduce their innovative medical systems to the US.

Since joining the Accelerator for HealthTech, Steradian Technologies, based in Houston, TX, has made remarkable progress with their pioneering RUMI device. This innovative technology, described as the first noninvasive, fully portable infectious disease diagnostic available at the price of a latte, utilizes novel photon-based detection to swiftly diagnose infectious diseases in breath within a mere 30 seconds. Among their achievements, Steradian Technologies has notably honed their focus on refining their clinical and regulatory strategy, benefiting from insightful guidance from advisors since January. Through the program’s discovery work, they have gained valuable clarity regarding the most suitable class of diagnostic for FDA regulation, crucial for shaping their go-to-market strategy.

TYBR, based in Houston, TX, has been on an ambitious journey with its flowable extracellular matrix hydrogel, crafted to safeguard healing tendons and ligaments from scarring and adhesions. Getting their start in the TMCi’s Biodesign fellowship and now entering into Accelerator for HealthTech, the company has leveraged the program to sharpen its regulatory strategy, particularly in anticipation of FDA conversations. Moreover, their understanding of both product utilization and market dynamics has undergone a significant evolution, resulting in a more refined value proposition and targeted approach to customer engagement, particularly with surgeons. Access to TMC Venture Fund advisor, Emily Reiser Ph.D., and Entrepreneurs in Residence Zaffer Syed, has provided invaluable validation of TYBR’s clinical focus and offered indispensable insights into navigating the complexities of the Texas Medical Center ecosystem.

Every year, our Accelerator for HealthTech opens its doors for applications, offering a unique opportunity to entrepreneurs eager to make a difference in healthcare. With our rigorous selection process, we choose select group of companies to participate in a two-week bootcamp, from which up to 10 companies are selected to continue their journey in our program. Applications for our Accelerator for HealthTech will open in May of this year, follow TMC Innovation on LinkedIn for up to date information.

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