TMC Biobridge

TMC Biobridge

TMC BioBridge

The BioBridge will be a marketplace for innovative life science technologies focused on digital & tele-health, medical devices, and operations. Since 2015, TMC has committed to providing customized support to startups seeking to grow in the US and our dedicated team, programs, and venture fund provide a unique US market entry.



The TMC & Australia BioBridge was created in 2016 to foster the dynamic cross-pollination of ideas, individuals, and organizations with additional research opportunities designed to maximize the first-ever collaboration of its kind for TMC.

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United Kingdom

The BioBridge that serves as a gateway for the advancement of life sciences was developed between TMC & the United Kingdom. The groundbreaking innovation superhighway linked two entities together for the purpose of fostering a collective brain trust and contains two key phases: innovation and research.

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The Texas Medical Center (TMC) and the Kingdom of Denmark have created a global life science BioBridge to advance commercial and clinical innovation and to enable research collaborations and knowledge transfer.

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The TMC & Enterprise Ireland partnership will connect Ireland’s medtech and life science industry to TMC to build a successful pipeline of companies to solve global health challenges.

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The fifth strategic international partnership since 2016. The TMC Netherlands BioBridge will allow startup companies to expand into the US market while collaborating with researchers, scientists, and innovation experts at TMC.

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