Event Calendar

Jun 27 Sat

Cardiology for the Non-Cardiologist

Alpesh R. Shah, MD; and William A. Zoghbi, MD This course covers a core cardiology curriculum and updates in general cardiology for non-cardiology healthcare providers. Attendees learn to identify common cardiovascular risk factors and understand new guidelines and approaches for cardiovascular disease.

Jun 27 Sat

Fourth Annual Cardiology for the Non-Cardiologist

This conference will teach non-cardiovascular physicians to identify common risk factors, guidelines and treatment approaches for cardiovascular diseases. Attendees will learn about the latest medical and surgical therapies for heart disease and advances in managing common clinical cardiovascular conditions. Faculty will also discuss the clinical challenges often associated with caring for patients with heart disease. […]

Aug 07 Fri

Cardiovascular Fellows’ Boot Camp: Laying the Foundation

Directors: Elizabeth Herrera, MD; C. Huie Lin, MD, PhD; Alan B. Lumsden, MD; Thomas E. MacGillivray, MD; Ross Reul, MD; and William A. Zoghbi, MD DeBakey CV Education’s signature trainee event prepares incoming first-year fellows to begin their fellowships with a competitive edge. This three-day course packs in more than 90 fast-paced lectures and extensive […]

Sep 21 Mon

Texas Health Care Association Annual Convention and Trade Show

This is the 70th annual conference of the Texas Health Care Association (THCA). The conference is designed to unite, represent, educate and support professionals who strive to improve the delivery, quality, and integrity of long-term healthcare services. The Texas Health Care Association is the largest long term care association in Texas. THCA’s membership is comprised […]

Sep 24 Thu

Open Aortic Training Course

Director: Alan B. Lumsden, MD This two-day course focuses on open aortic repair training using operative videos, open aortic models and cadavers. It is designed for vascular fellows and PGY5 integrated residents.

Oct 02 Fri

CVD Prevention Symposium

Director: Khurram Nasir, MD Integrating recent advances in cardiovascular prevention and management into clinical care can improve patient outcomes and save lives. Learn about these developments in this interactive, interdisciplinary symposium featuring world-renowned experts who will provide state-of-the-art updates on populations at risk, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, novel therapeutics and the latest research for preventing cardiovascular […]