Felicia Zbranek-Zeitman

Account Director

As account director, Felicia Zbranek-Zeitman is responsible for promoting and selling advertising for TMC Pulse, TMC News and TMC Today.

Prior to coming to TMC in 2017, she was a realtor at Greenwood King Realtors in the Houston Heights where she was involved in fundraising and coordinating events for Woodland Park, second oldest park in the City of Houston. She was successful in securing Bridgestone Firestone to underwrite a major clean-up of Woodland Park as part of Bridgestone’s national initiative.

Bringing over 20 years of marketing and sales experience, Felicia’s experience includes sales and marketing for Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals; Olympic and Motorsports Marketing for Texaco; and public relations and special event management for the Houston Chronicle. Her proudest moment: taking a “hot” lap with racing legend Mario Andretti.