TIRR Memorial Hermann’s Disorders of Consciousness Conference

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 | TIRR Memorial Hermann’s Disorders of Consciousness Conference
TIRR Memorial Hermann

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DoC 2020: Translating Knowledge into Practice

The last decade has seen an explosion in our knowledge about disorders of consciousness (DoC). Recent advances have expanded our understanding of the neuroanatomical substrate of consciousness, enhanced our ability to more accurately detect consciousness, and identified a variety of potential treatment options. These developments culminated in the publication of national practice guidelines for this population. Despite these advances, the ability to provide clinical care for these patients has lagged behind. The challenge now is to translate and incorporate these findings to effectively meet the needs of these patients.

The goal of DoC 2020 is to introduce attendees to the most recent developments in the field, with an emphasis on translating this knowledge into clinical practice. Topics covered include conceptualization/classification of consciousness, modes of assessment and diagnosis, prognostication, therapeutic interventions, the family perspective, ethics and advocacy. Speakers will provide overviews on the most recent developments in the field while breakout sessions will generally focus on the incorporation and implementation of these advances into practice, both in terms of clinical care as well as program development. The course will also include scientific poster presentations, exhibitors and networking opportunities.