Texas Children’s Hospital Pediatric Radiology AI Sumposium

Monday, October 28, 2019 | Texas Children’s Hospital Pediatric Radiology AI Sumposium

Additional dates:

Completed Event:October 29, 2019Official Times coming soon

Registration is now open for the Texas Children’s Hospital Symposium on AI in Pediatric Radiology. This event will bring together the foremost minds in the area of Artificial Intelligence in Pediatric Radiology. The program consists of 3 sessions (October 28th AM, October 28th PM, October 29th AM) covering: (1) The basics of AI, (2) Data Security and Privacy Considerations and (3) Key Healthcare Applications. Each session will feature talks by experts in the field, followed by a panel discussion involving audience participation. Pre-session Breakfast and Lunch periods and a post-session Social Hour will provide further opportunities for in-depth discussions.

Early Registration: Open till October 20, 2019
Non-CME: Free
If CME credit is desired: $100
Late Registration: October 21 through October 28
Non-CME: $25
If CME credit is desired: $125

Official Times coming soon.

Visit https://texaschildrens.org/airad for more information and to Register.