In-Flight Medical Emergencies: A Simulation-Based Workshop

Thursday, June 13, 2019 | Afternoon

Healthcare Professionals (HCP) traveling on commercial airlines may be asked to render care to passengers who are experiencing a medical emergency despite limited training or experience in these situations. In fact, a significant portion of in-flight emergencies is managed by off-duty medical professionals such as physicians, nurses, and emergency medical technicians who offer their services as Good Samaritans. The wide variation in medical expertise and experience in managing acute medical emergencies between volunteers, coupled with the lack of standardized approaches to common in-flight medical emergencies, create barriers to providing timely, effective, and quality care in these settings. Furthermore, these variations can result in wide-ranging practice patterns leading to varied outcomes.

This is a 3.5-hour workshop aimed at preparing Healthcare Professionals (HCP) to become effective responders during in-flight emergencies. It will cover essential topics such as the physiologic stress of flying, the epidemiology of in-flight medical emergencies, the medical-legal considerations of responding, resources available to responders on a plane, and an algorithmic approach to the most common in-flight chief complaints. We will integrate and emphasize important concepts via simulation helping HCP become better equipped in responding to most types of in-flight medical emergencies.