Houston Innovation Week, with Plug and Play Tech Center

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 Add to Calendar

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Event Calendar Icon June 4, 2019 Day 1: Energy & Sustainability
Event Calendar Icon June 5, 2019 Day 2: Health
Event Calendar Icon June 6, 2019 Day 3: TMCx Demo Day


For the past decade, Plug and Play has worked and collaborated with corporations across various channels and industries that are housed or headquartered in Houston. From those relationships, we’ve become increasingly aware of the opportunities to facilitate a successful journey for the entrepreneurs.

We’re bringing together leading corporations and 30+ startups from around the world in Houston in the Energy & Sustainability and Health Care industries. Join us for our series of events as we work to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Houston.


Featured Speakers and Panelists:

Keynote Speakers:

  • Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston
  • Saeed Amidi, CEO, Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Barbara Burger, President, Chevron Technology Ventures
  • Bradley Andrews, President of Digital, Worley
  • Wade Bitaraf, Founder, Energy & Sustainability, Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Omer Gozen, VP, New Materials & Packaging, Plug and Play Tech Center
  • Thomas Luby, Director, TMC Innovation Institute
  • Neda Amidi, Partner, Global Head of Health, Plug and Play Tech Center

Energy & Sustainability

09:00-09:30 am: Registration
09:30–09:45 am: Welcoming: Wade Bitaraf, Founder of Energy & Sustainability, Plug and Play Tech Center
09:45–10:00 am: Opening Remarks: Saeed Amidi, CEO, Plug and Play Tech Center
10:00–10:15 am: Keynote: Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston
10:15–11:00 am: Panel Discussion: Innovation in Energy Sector: What Will The Future Look Like?
11:00–12:10 pm: 10 Startup Pitches
12:10–1:00 pm: LUNCH
01:00–02:30 pm: 10 Startup Pitches & Closing Remarks: Omer Gozen, VP, New Packing & Materials, Founder of Sustainability at Plug and Play Tech Center02:30–04:30 pm: Startup Demo Tables + Networking



08:00-08:45 am: Registration
09:00–09:15 am: Welcoming: Neda Amidi, Global Head of Health and Partner at Plug and Play
09:15–09:45 am: Keynote: Thomas Luby, Director, TMC Innovation
09:45–10:35 am: Startup Pitch Session
10:35–10:50 am: Break
10:50–11:30 pm: Panel Discussion: Collaborating in Healthcare Innovation

11:30–11:35 pm: Closing Remarks
11:35–12:15 pm: LUNCH
12:15–01:30 pm: Startup Demo Tables


TMCx Demo Day

1:00-1:30 pm: Registration
1:30–1:40 pm: Opening Remarks
1:45–2:30 pm: Round 1 Startup Pitches
2:30–3:00 pm: Break
3:00–4:30 pm: Round 2 Startup Pitches
4:30–7:00 pm: Startup Showcase & Networking



TMC Innovation Institute

2450 Holcombe Blvd., Suite X, 77021