Functional Medicine: Approaches to Inflammation, Anti-Aging and Chronic Disease

Friday, July 13, 2018

Program Overview
Chronic disease affects one of every two American and accounts for 80% of our health care costs. The emerging functional medicine model is focused on determining and correcting root causes of chronic disease by evaluating core physiological processes that are impacted by diet, lifestyle behaviors, environment and genetic expression. This conference will provide exciting and encouraging information on prevention of and recovery from chronic illness, and maintenance of optimal health.

This conference will provide information on prevention of chronic illness and maintenance of optimal health. After the conference, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the connections between inflammation, hormones, methylation and aging
  • Provide insights into etiologies and nutritional solutions for NASH (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease)
  • Describe cognitive and other neurological associations with the gut biome
  • Discuss autoimmunity aspects of cardiovascular disease and healing approaches through lifestyle, nutrition and other interventions
  • Describe the importance, the function, the pathology and the healing of the mitochondria
  • Describe the association of inflammation to common disease states and modulation through nutritional interventions with case study
  • Describe the present and anticipated fungal impact of Hurricane Harvey

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