Bioelectronics – Our Bioelectronic Future: Smaller, Smarter, Connected

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The next technological revolution will come as we develop the ability to interface natural and synthetic cellular systems (and molecules) with nanoscale electronics to create hybrid cells/materials that communicate electronically (termed Bioelectronics). This new generation of powerful tools will enable measurement, manipulation, control and sensing of biological processes in unprecedented detail and allow new questions and phenomena to be explored across a range of length scales. At the same time, the foundational knowledge from these studies will enable the development of new devices that improve human health, impact energy, and the sustain the environment.

De Lange Conference XI will bring together biologists, engineers, medical researchers, policy scholars, humanists, and industrial representatives from the nascent bioelectronics industry and federal agencies will serve to identify the grand challenges in the field, including technological, ethical, legal, and societal issues.

The biennial De Lange Conferences, funded by the De Lange Endowment, were established by C.M. and Demaris Hudspeth in honor of Demaris’ parents, Albert and Demaris De Lange.



BioScience Research Collaborative (BRC) at Rice University

6500 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005


Michelle Depenbrock