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University of St. Thomas and Houston Methodist Research Institute Renew Partnership on Top-rated Master in Clinical Translation Management Program

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UST President Dr. Richard Ludwick describes the partnership as, “…an important collaboration between Texas Medical Center members that advances Houston’s innovation ecosystem.”

HOUSTON (July 30, 2021) – University of St. Thomas at Houston is pleased to announce the renewal of Houston Methodist Research Institute as a clinical partner for its Master in Clinical Translation Management (MCTM) program.

On July 15 at the Research Institute, UST President Dr. Richard Ludwick and President and CEO of the Research Institute, Edward Jones, MBA, signed the new agreement. Jones also serves as Chief Business Officer, Houston Methodist Academic Institute and Senior Vice President, Houston Methodist Hospital. The Research Institute and UST have partnered on the MCTM degree program since its inception in 2014. The first agreement set up expectations for both parties within the development stages of the program. Now that the program has become well-established within the University and the Texas Medical Center with a number of accolades and two national rankings, this new agreement will define how the partners move forward together.

MCTM is a Top-ranked Program Nationally

Dr. Ludwick describes the partnership as, “…an important collaboration between Texas Medical Center members that advance Houston’s innovation ecosystem.” The groundbreaking program has lived up to its substantial reputation, earning a #2 spot with’s national ranking of the Top 10 Clinical Research Degree Programs. MCTM is a program that produces professionals who know how to navigate complex regulatory and business processes to move biotechnology innovations to the market.

MCTM Program fast-tracks its students through online coursework

MCTM is a one-year, online program that fast-tracks its students through a rigorous curriculum and provides a robust understanding of the Life Sciences industry as well as the skills necessary to take on a career in this field. Though the majority of the program is completed through online modules, students are provided ample opportunity for in-person training, networking and professional development through its residency periods and co-curricular offerings.

Included in the MCTM program are in-person three residency periods – the first in Houston, the second as part of an international study abroad program, and the final for the annual BIO International Convention.

Students can expect a variety of unique opportunities to prepare them for next steps

The MCTM Program has been specifically designed for industry professionals to prepare for the next steps in their career. In addition to the three residency periods, students participate in a 6-month long practicum course and capstone project, both of which utilize project-based learning to integrate elements of MCTM coursework into a hands-on experience. This practicum course includes the development of a business plan and pitch for a real-life biotech innovation of the student’s own choosing.

MCTM Students are “On forefront of an emerging industry.”

MCTM graduate Homer Quintana, who works as a Program Project Manager for Pre-Clinical Translation at Houston Methodist Research Institute, has high regard for the program and said, “The MCTM degree gives you options in the biotech world to understand strategies and possibilities. Students in the MCTM program are on the forefront of an emerging industry.”

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