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Taking a deep dive into clinical research

TMC's Monthly Education Training Series (METS) serves the campus research community. On Sept. 2, WCG-ThreeWire's Molly Hair will address the most common problems in clinical trials.

Taking a deep dive into clinical research

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A successful clinical trial depends on a strong foundation. Research sites must to be able to respond to challenges quickly and efficiently.

“The sports metaphor is: You want to get yourself in a good athletic stance so you can pivot to the right or left,” said Molly Hair, director of site engagement and management at WCG-ThreeWire, a research augmentation company that addresses the most common hurdles at research trial sites, including patient identification, retention support, data entry support and site administration.

Hair often asks a series of questions to help teams with planning: What’s the motivation of the patient to participate? What are the logistical constraints related to the schedule? What’s the strategy for reaching out to a diverse population? What can be done in advance?

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On Sept. 2, Hair will be the featured speaker of the Monthly Education Training Series (METS), created by the TMC Clinical Research Institute to provide clinical research training and education opportunities to employees on the TMC campus. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, METS has moved from a live discussion to Zoom, meeting on the first Wednesday of every month.

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Molly Hair, the director of site engagement and management at WCG-ThreeWire, will be the featured speaker of TMC’s Monthly Education Training Series (METS) on Sept. 2.

Hair hopes to have an “honest discussion” about common problems in clinical trials, including finding and retaining patients—since inadequate patient retention affects conclusive results.

In addition, people running research trials often feel overworked, feel like their resources are stretched thin, even feel like their jobs are in jeopardy—“the stuff that’s hard to admit,” Hair said.

COVID-19 has added an additional layer of challenges.

“A lot of studies have been put on hold,” Hair said. “It’s a rolling hotspot situation. There are different needs at different times, regionally, depending on where the region is with COVID.”

Hair will speak for about 45 minutes on Sept. 2; audience members will have an opportunity to ask questions during the final 15 minutes of the session.

The METS program is presented by the TMC Clinical Research Professional Training and Education Committee in conjunction with Texas Chapter – SOCRA Houston/ Galveston. The committee helps decide which speakers to feature and which topics would best serve the medical center’s research population. Recent METS topics have included COVID chaos and the urgency of innovation; predicting success in investigator initiated trials; and ethical issues in stem cell research.

With METS, the TMC Clinical Research Institute aims to address gaps in research education and expertise.

“The institute is designed to enhance, increase and expedite research on campus,” said Michael Love, a TMC business strategist who organizes the monthly series. “We asked: How do we serve industry? How do we serve investigators? How do we serve patients? How can we support, help and train coordinators, nurses, people who help conduct these trials?”

For many institutions, keeping employees credentialed is an administrative burden. Not all TMC institutions offer continuing education opportunities or time off for people to pursue those opportunities. METS teaches the fundamentals of clinical research and provides professionals with the background, context and continuing education credits needed to conduct the most advanced studies in clinical research.

“Research is done really well on this campus,” Love said. “We are not here to disrupt that. We’re just trying to provide resources that can help make that better.”


WHEN: First Wednesday of each month

TIME: 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

WHERE: Zoom, until further notice

REGISTER: Eventbrite


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