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Zibrio measures the balance of 852 athletes at the National Senior Games

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Zibrio, a Houston based startup aiming to reduce the risk of falling in older adults, recently spent ten days in Albuquerque, New Mexico interacting with athletes at the National Senior Games. The games brought together 13,700 adults aged 50-103 determined to be at their physical best to compete in a variety of sporting events.

As an event sponsor, Zibrio had a booth where they offered free balance screenings on their SmartScale to educate people about their balance and overall health. The scale works much like a traditional bathroom scale. Their NASA-developed technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify patterns of stability and instability as users stand on the device with their eyes open for about a minute. Over the course of the event, the company measured the balance of 852 people and learned a great deal about what mattered to these athletes. Just like fitness trackers such as Fitbit have found, Zibrio saw that the event’s attendees wanted as much insight into their health as they could have. They had a large number of people who tested themselves more than once over the course of the games.

As an event sponsor, the Zibrio team attended a variety of the different competitions and conducted interviews with the athletes. Their mascot, the Zibrio Flamingo, could be seen cheering on the competitors and engaging the crowd throughout the event.

Currently, the biggest predictor of whether or not an individual will fall is if they already have and 28 percent of individuals over 65 will fall each year. These falls can be catastrophic for both the individuals who experience them and the medical system who absorbs the costs associated with falls.

Zibrio believes that by giving people insights into their risk they can change the narrative. Their SmartScale paired with their App allow users to take control of their balance and overall health. The App will allow users to record their daily scores and suggest ways to work on improving balance to help avoid falls entirely.

Zibrio is currently based at the TMC Innovation Institute in Houston, Texas. They are currently in the process of raising their Seed 2 round and have investments from the Texas Halo Fund, an early-stage investment fund also based in Houston, the Pipeline Angels and multiple physicians who see a clear benefit to their patients in the technology.

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