President’s Perspective

President’s Perspective: Leveraging Data to Benefit Patients

President’s Perspective: Leveraging Data to Benefit Patients

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William F. McKeon is the president and CEO of the Texas Medical Center.

We are in the midst of a transformation that is changing every aspect of our lives. Each day, nearly every conceivable product or service we use is connected through sensors emitting data that is processed and analyzed, producing valuable knowledge and insights.

Today, the Texas Medical Center holds more medical information than any other campus in the world. Our hospitals and clinics capture data in each of the 10 million patient encounters that occur at the medical center annually. It is a staggering amount of information and it grows significantly each year. It is important to recognize that this data is highly protected through multiple layers to ensure patient privacy.

Historically, this medical information offered an overview of the tests, procedures and care provided to each patient. However, with the advances in data science, we are now just beginning to explore new ways to better understand how these large data sets can reveal new opportunities to improve care and possibly predict and prevent medical events. While each patient is completely unique and is treated accordingly, the tremendous advances in data science—including genomics, advanced algorithms, 3-D data imaging and machine learning—provide a host of tools that are delivering new insights to data scientists throughout the world.

We will soon gather the leaders across the medical center to explore new ways to leverage our collective data and expertise to further advance the care of people we are privileged to treat each day. The possibilities are endless.

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