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Car Accident Leaves North Houston Woman with Desire to Walk Again

Car Accident Leaves North Houston Woman with Desire to Walk Again

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Last October, Gloria Guevara was filling in at her sister’s farmer’s market stand. During a break, she was exiting a portable restroom in an area routinely blocked off from traffic when she was struck by a car.

Unable to get up, paramedics took her to Harris Health System’s Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital for immediate care of her severely injured legs.

Though confined to a wheelchair, Guevara has hopes of walking again. On May 23, the 66‐year‐ old and other trauma survivors—some suffering from motor vehicle accidents, work‐related injuries and incidents of violent crime—will attend Harris Health’s Trauma Survivors Celebration. The event reunites doctors, nurses, rehabilitation staff and first‐responders with survivors who were treated in the system’s Level 1 Trauma Center of Ben Taub Hospital or the Level 3 Trauma Center at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital.

The annual event is a way to celebrate survivor stories of perseverance amid devastating medical obstacles.

Once at the hospital, surgeons rushed to repair Guevara’s compound fracture in her left leg. A second operation lasted more than 10 hours as surgeons repaired breaks in both legs and knees. They placed plates in both knees and rods in both legs.

“At one of my follow‐up visits, the doctor told me I was doing well for such a bad injury,” she recalls. “He said I was very strong.”

During her stay at the hospital, Guevara had to rely on others for the first time. She has always been an independent person and always on the go. When she wasn’t working at her kitchen job of 36 years for United Airlines, she was tending to her four dogs, gardening or helping others.

She admits she’s far from where she wants to be. She stayed in the hospital for a month then went to a rehabilitation facility for another month. She built upper arm strength and learned to perform daily activities from a wheelchair. Though doctors anticipate she will walk again.

“I’m anxious for it to happen soon,” she says. “I ask God every day for strength.”

Guevara gets a lot of support from her sister and son. Her daughter, who lives in Virginia, regularly makes trips to Houston to see her.

“I believe this is a test, a very difficult one, but God is giving me another chance,” she says.

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