Dr. Lamb
Dr. Lamb
Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
Prosciutto-wrapped asparagus
Strawberry cheesecake
Strawberry cheesecake
Carolina Jorgez
Carolina Jorgez
"Sex rice"
Cranberry meatballs
Cranberry meatballs
The aphrodisiac feast
The aphrodisiac feast

Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Aphrodisiac Infusions

Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Aphrodisiac Infusions

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For the past 17 years, Dolores J. Lamb, Ph.D., has been hosting an aphrodisiac luncheon on Valentine’s Day. Each year, she, her trainees, fellow researchers and colleagues whip up gourmet dishes made with popular aphrodisiac ingredients.

As director of the Laboratory for Male Reproductive Research and Testing at Baylor College of Medicine, Lamb started the tradition as a unique way for her department to celebrate the holiday, and in the nearly two decades she has been hosting the luncheon, Lamb has become quite a pro at making her dishes.

“I make chili because it has so many aphrodisiac ingredients … chili pepper increases your blood flow and kind of sends a chill,” Lamb said. “I also made a great salad with two types of nuts, chili pepper, a little cheese and oranges.

The main goal of the luncheon has been to create unique dishes with as many aphrodisiac ingredients as possible. Carolina Jorgez, Ph.D., assistant professor of urology at Baylor has been attending the luncheon for nine years.

“Every year you try to do something different,” Jorgez said. “I made a female reproductive sign out of vegetarian rice that had cilantro, garlic, onion, parsley and pepper and the male reproductive sign with bacon rice that had bacon, garlic, onions,raisins and pepper.”

Dishes this year included love toast, spring into action salad, sesame ginger soba noodle salad, coconut crème chia seed pudding, strawberry cheesecake, cranberry meatballs, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, jalapeño poppers and chili. While these are all tasty options, they do come with fair warning.

“From an evidence-based perspective, I think there are more studies that have to be done, but it’s certainly fun to practice and try,” Lamb said. “I had one fellow, the first year he came to the lunch and ate a lot and nine months later, he and his wife had their fourth baby … the next year, he didn’t eat so much.”

Ingredients included in some of the popular luncheon dishes:

Dr. Lamb’s Chili
• Ancho peppers
• Ceranno peppers
• Dried chili peppers
• Avocado
• Onions
• Beans
• Chocolate

Dr. Lamb’s Salad
• Lettuce
• Pecans
• Almonds
• Strawberries
• Oranges
• Chili and hot pepper
• Mustard
• honey

Cenk Cengiz’s Lover’s Lust Sangria
• Apples
• Oranges
• Strawberries
• Blackberries
• Blueberries
• Chili pepper essence
• Honey
• Red wine

Amin Herati’s Cranberry Meatballs
• Cranberry
• Chili spices
• Onion
• Red wine reduction

2017 Aphrodisiac Luncheon Winners

Most Aphrodisiac Ingredients
• Garlic Shrimp Salad
Best Tasting Aphrodisiac Dish
• Strawberry Cheesecake

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