Houston Professionals Inspire HISD Students to Consider Career Opportunities

Houston Professionals Inspire HISD Students to Consider Career Opportunities

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More than 5,000 middle school students from the Houston Independent School District gathered at the George R. Brown Convention Center for the 2016 JA Inspire interactive experience to discover future career possibilities. The two-day event was hosted by the Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas and welcomed companies from around Houston to speak with the students about industries and fields they could potentially join.

Among the companies included, the Texas Medical Center brought multiple representatives to demonstrate to students the many career opportunities available in the largest Medical Center in the world.

“As seventh and eighth graders, these kids may not know exactly what they want to do when they grow up, but maybe we can touch someone’s interest in something, and they can come back in a couple of years,” said Denis Hyams, assistant director of security at the Texas Medical Center. “There are so many diverse opportunities at the medical center, and what they learn today might come back to them. They may remember that they want to be a doctor or an investigato,r and this is a great opportunity for us to talk to kids about our programs.”

During the two days students attended JA Inspire, they learned about careers in the medical field, oil and gas, law enforcement, banking, engineering and more.

“This gives the kids in middle school a path for the future,” said James Love, shipping clerk with Junior Achievement. “JA Inspire opens up a career path and shows them opportunities that are available to them after they finish school.”

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