In Praise of Dr. Martin Yudovich, a Great TMC Pediatrician

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Over 43 yrs ago as a new mother I was introduced to the soft spoken, mild-mannered very caring pediatrician known as Dr. Martin Yudovich, who cared for our first-born son, John.

As a new, nervous mom, we were in his office every week because of a cough, a sneeze or spit up. In his soft-spoken manner, Dr. Yudovich encouraged me by touching my shoulder and saying, “Mommy, I enjoy seeing you in my office each week but try to relax and enjoy baby John.” Eight years later, Dr. Yudovich was the pediatrician for our second born, Brandon.

Beginning college at the age of 17, John preferred Dr. Yudovich over all other doctors and was still making as-needed visits to his office following college graduation. When John married and started his own family, which includes his daughters Nadia and Hannah, if any concerns regarding treatments were unanswered from network doctors, appointments were made with Dr. Yudovich.

Brandon continued to see him through college and well into adulthood. As a father now with two daughters, Aazariyah and Aailyah, Brandon takes the girls in for periodic visits and if necessary, a second opinion. In addition to being, in my opinion, our best Texas pediatrician, a medical school professor, very caring and compassionate, he continues to mentor medical internists as he maintains the same office on Groveway in Houston, Texas.

Hats off to Dr. Martin Yudovich one of our greatest pediatricians!

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