A Superhero Surprise for TCH West Campus Patients

A Superhero Surprise for TCH West Campus Patients

On a recent afternoon, patients at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus got a special Halloween treat.

Looking out of their windows, the children were thrilled to discover superhero window-washers. Superman (Gerber Abaca), Spiderman (Juan Torres), Captain America (Hippilito Cruz), and Batman (Ganado Luna) rappelled from the roof not only to clean windows, but to also greet and wave to patients on their way down.

“This is the third year the superheroes have brought their superpowers to West Campus, and we are grateful to them for doing so,” said Matt Schaefer, president of Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. “Things like this are small and simple, but they can have a profound impact on our patients, families and visitors.  After all, what better way to live out our vision than to look for ways to brighten the days of the patients.”

Since some patients cannot leave the hospital to go trick-or-treating, the superhero window- washers were able to bring the Halloween spirit to them.

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