Decisio Health's dashboard, which gathers and displays data from hospital monitoring systems.
Decisio Health's dashboard, which gathers and displays data from hospital monitoring systems.

Decisio Health announces new chairman

Decisio Health announces new chairman

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Houston entrepreneur Larry Lawson, founder and former CEO/Chairman of eCardio was voted chairman by the board of directors of Decisio Health Friday, July 16.

Decisio Health is a health care software company that helps acute-care provider organizations continually improve their clinical processes. By enhancing real-time and trending patient data with a hospital’s own protocols, health care professionals are able to more easily assess the current state of a patient and more easily adhere to the hospital’s standard to deliver a higher quality of care.

A highly sophisticated but user-friendly “dashboard,” Decisio software is based on technology developed at The University of Texas Health Center (UTHealth). The FDA cleared Decisio’s Clinical Intelligence Platform to perform the function of gathering data from existing hospital monitoring systems and intelligently display the most current and valuable information in one easy-to-view location.

Decisio Health was named as a finalist in the 2015 Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition and the 2016 Seton Healthcare: The Future of Care: Healthcare Innovation Awards.

The Decisio management team boasts keen minds, extraordinary experience and an amazing commitment to success. CEO Bryan Haardt has strong entrepreneurial credibility blending CFO, CIO and COO experience. He is convinced Decisio will succeed.

Haardt said, “The Decisio clinical intelligence platform promises to provide actionable information at the bedside to support care providers in their clinical decisions. In addition, by encouraging greater adherence to standards of care, Decisio facilitates the reduction in variability of care and encourages the creation of a high reliability organization. Decisio Health is truly at the cross roads of where outcomes meet income.

“I am truly grateful and humbled by Mr. Lawson’s willingness to take the helm as chairman. Larry brings a ton of operational excellence in startups and under his leadership I am certain we will excel in achieving our objectives.”

COO Gray Hancock brings C-suite and international business development experience as well.

“Hospitals all over the world will benefit from Decisio’s advanced technology,” Hancock said. “Better, faster and safer information contributes to improved patient care and outcomes.”

“I invested in Decisio Health because I recognized the need for this kind of technology and Decisio’s ability to deliver that technology. I was very impressed with the company on the strength of their management and their zeal for success,” Lawson said, explaining why he accepted the chairman role. “Our short-term goal is to round out our business development and technical support team; long-term goal is to merge our technology with additional technology to form a perfect environment for acquisition.”

Lawson was introduced to Decisio as a mentor in 2015 by former TMCx business development expert and former Decisio intern Lindsay Deneault. He feels he can guide their development with his 40+ years of developing medical devices. The latest startup medical device company Lawson created was eCardio, which in the fall of 2014 was sold to international giant Merck, which plans to take the product and service worldwide.

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