TMC Innovation Institute welcomes Chinese summit

TMC Innovation Institute welcomes Chinese summit

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Eight TMC Innovation Institute companies pitched to a large group of Chinese visitors during the U.S. China Innovation and Investment Summit May 16.

Following a tour of the facilities within the institute, the group of about 40 visitors heard from the startups, many of whom wanted to get in front of potential investors, interested in possible expansion into the Asian-Pacific market.

They were welcomed by Erik Halvorsen, Ph.D., director of the TMC Innovation Institute, and Emmanuelle Schuler, head of Johnson and Johnson Innovation’s JLABS @ TMC.

Halvorsen explained that the TMC Innovation Institute’s accelerator, TMCx, takes early-stage companies with innovation ideas and products, and accelerates them toward the market through a detailed curriculum, meeting with advisers and introductions to the Texas Medical Center member hospitals.

“Our goal is to develop this to be the premier health care accelerator in the world,” Halvorsen said. “We want to bring companies from around the world here to develop their products and bring them to market to benefit patients.”

In addition, he also told the group about the Innovation Institute’s partnerships with Johnson & Johnson Innovation, AT&T and Apple.

“A critical part of building an ecosystem around innovation, aside from mentoring, is having big, established companies with their networks and expertise, so we are fortunate to have these partners,” Halvorsen added.

The companies pitching Monday included:

  • Saranas, Michael Magnani, CEO (TMCx+)
  • Wntrix Inc., Jim Liu, President (JLABS)
  • Viracyte LLC, Sunitha Kakarla, Program Director (JLABS)
  • HLA Data Systems LLC, Collin Brack, President (TMCx+)
  • Icell Kealex, Xiaotong Song, Founder (JLABS)
  • Vyripharm Biopharmaceuticals, David Yang, Vice President (TMCx+)
  • Cognetyx, Santosh Varughese, COO (TMCx)
  • Noninvasix, Graham Randall, CEO (TMCx – JLABS)

Following the pitches, group members enjoyed lunch and networking.

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