Alexander Schueller, president of  Adhesys Medical, presenting on stage at TMCx.
Alexander Schueller, president of Adhesys Medical, presenting on stage at TMCx.
Adhesys Medical's new logo
Adhesys Medical's new logo

Medical Adhesive Revolution is now Adhesys Medical

Medical Adhesive Revolution is now Adhesys Medical

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On Jan. 22, Medical Adhesive Revolution (MAR)—a former TMCx company and winner of the 2014 Rice Business Plan Competition—was renamed Adhesys Medical. The rebranding is reflected in a new logo and corporate design as well as the launch of a new company website.

According to Alexander Schueller, president of the newly minted Adhesys Medical, the rebranding is part of a broader initiative to prepare for the biotechnology company’s next stages of development.

“This year, we shall transition from a R&D-focused operation into a commercial stage company,” Schueller said. “As we move forward toward our first approval, we were excited to change the name and brand into something that is not only more memorable but, more importantly, represents what we want to stand for and highlights the potential of our platform technology.”

Adhesys, the new company name, is derived from two terms: adhesives and systems. “Adhesives” describes the core of the technology, a polyurethane-based medical glue, while “systems” reflects the potential of the technology as a platform for development of a great variety of products and applications. So far, Adhesys Medical has developed two first-of-its-kind biodegradable, polyurethane-based medical adhesives – one for use inside the human body and another for topical use.

According to Schueller, Adhesys Medical represents the company’s vision to enable game-changing advancements in surgery and wound closure by providing surgeons with unique, best-in-class technologies in order to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

“When we set out initially, we were very much technology focused,” Schueller said. “I remember when we attended the Rice Business Plan Competition, it was all about bringing the technology to a point where it was marketable. I think now we’ve evolved to a company set on making a difference. I would say our ambitions have grown as we  recognized the potential of the technology.”

Those ambitions have been actualized in Adhesys Medical’s journey from a small startup founded in 2013 in Aachen, Germany, to the evolving and international company that it is today.

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