MD Anderson Patients Decorate Cupcakes at Crave Cupcakes

MD Anderson Patients Decorate Cupcakes at Crave Cupcakes

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Patients from MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital were in for a sweet treat when they visited local business Crave Cupcakes. Seven children who are part of the Pediatric Education and Creative Arts Program at MD Anderson were brought to Crave to decorate cupcakes and cookies for Valentine’s Day.

Crave co-founder and co-owner Elizabeth Harrison Cooper has been involved with the Arts in Medicine Program at MD Anderson for the past five years.

“It makes me so happy to have events like this at our store,” Harrison Cooper said. “Selling cupcakes and seeing people smile when they eat cupcakes is why I do what I do; this takes that feeling to another level. Seeing these kids enjoy themselves here and giving them a chance to have a new outlet for creativity gives me a whole other depth of happiness.”

The field trip involved more than just decorating cupcakes and cookies. As part of their educational program, MD Anderson utilizes these opportunities to show their students real world examples of how businesses work in the community.

“Giving the students an opportunity to get plugged into a community business and seeing what an entrepreneur does overlaps with the curriculum and objectives that we have in our school,” said Daniel Smith, principal of the Pediatric Education and Creative Arts Program.

Harrison Cooper also gave the students individual tours through the bakery. She explained the importance of fresh ingredients and the methods her team uses to ensure the best quality cupcake for their customers.

In addition to cupcake decorating events for the patients at MD Anderson, Crave also creates a special cupcake every September using fondant designed by MD Anderson pediatric patients. They donate $1 from every sale of the cupcake to the Arts and Medicine Program at MD Anderson.

“The Arts in Medicine program works directly with patients and their families while they are undergoing treatment at MD Anderson,” said Ian Cion, director of the Arts in Medicine program. “Our goal is to help patients emotionally while they are going through treatment and events like this are a great outlet for them.”

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