George V. Masi

In 2015, Harris Health System reached new milestones in our journey of transformation. In the last few years, Harris Health has seen dramatic changes—spurred on by the 1115 Medicaid Waiver and the Affordable Care Act.

We continue our focus of providing world-class clinical excellence as well as platforms for teaching and research as southeast Texas’ leading safety-net provider. Process improvements have driven greater efficiency and access to clinical services for our patients, and we now serve more patients than ever before.

We are focused on meeting the community’s need for trauma care, and have begun work to add surgical capacity at Harris Health’s Ben Taub Hospital. In approximately 24 months, we will have added seven state-of-the-art surgical suites to accommodate more Level 1 trauma volume.

As the Affordable Care Act continues to transform the health care industry nationwide, Harris Health is using the opportunity to innovate and design a value-based health care delivery system to better serve all Harris County residents.

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