San José Clinic Hosts Fifth Annual Fall Speaker Series

San José Clinic Hosts Fifth Annual Fall Speaker Series

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The San José Clinic has been serving the Houston community and surrounding areas for the past 90 years. What started out as a small clinic in a home has now turned into a full service health care clinic utilizing the talents and resources of the Texas Medical Center.

The clinic was started by Monsignor George T. Walsh of Annunciation Catholic Church in response to the rising rate of infant mortality in the Mexican community of Houston. The mission of the San José Clinic today is to provide quality health care and education in a respectful space to those with limited access to those services.

The clinic runs primarily on community donations and grants, rather than federal funding and charging patients. Patients who are cared for at San José Clinic are not responsible for paying for the services they receive, but the majority of their patients pay the clinic an amount they can afford.

Many of the doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and other staff members at the San José Clinic have been trained at the Texas Medical Center.

With all that the clinic offers, many Houstonians are not aware of the San Jose Clinic. When Paule Anne Lewis was hired as president and CEO, this was the first thing she wanted to remedy.

“I started my job here in 2011 as the president and CEO and one of the things that I found out very quickly that there wasn’t really knowledge about what the San José Clinic does, and that is how we came up with an annual luncheon,” Lewis said.

Five years ago, the Fall Speaker Series began. This year’s series was held at the River Oaks Country Club and featured a panel discussion led by Texas Medical Center President and CEO Robert C. Robbins, M.D. Panelists included George Masi, president and CEO of Harris Health System; James McDeavitt, M.D., dean of clinical affairs at Baylor College of Medicine and chief clinical integration officer of CHI St. Luke’s Health; and Stephen Moore, M.D., chief medical officer, CHI St. Luke’s Health.

Panelists covered a wide range of topics that health care providers are dealing with today and guests had a chance to learn more about the collaboration that happens at the San José Clinic.

“Nearly every hospital in the Texas Medical Center is connected to the San José Clinic,” said Lewis. “Whether a doctor did their rotations here or if they are working here now, it is the epitome of collaboration.”

The Fall Speaker Series brought in over double the amount the clinic had projected for their budget, which means more patients will be able to be cared for.

“Our main goal is to get the word out about what we do to medical professionals and the Houston community,” said Jini Kuruvilla, D.D.S., dental director at the San José Clinic. “The Fall Speaker Series gives us the opportunity to show the work we are doing.”

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