Medical Informatics Chosen as TEDMED Hive Entrepreneur

Medical Informatics Chosen as TEDMED Hive Entrepreneur

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Collectively, we can accomplish so much more than as individuals. While that principle is clearly espoused by entrepreneurs—companies that consist of a patchwork of diverse skillsets and backgrounds are the norm, not the exception—it is continuing to gain traction on a broader scale. As exciting innovations challenge the status quo across biotech, digital health and health tech, TEDMED is celebrating the underlying ideas behind that progress in a program called The Hive, dedicated to championing the potential of our collective power.

A resounding validation of that potential, Medical Informatics, one of the companies currently residing in TMCx+, was chosen as a Hive entrepreneur during the upcoming TEDMED conference taking place in Palm Springs Nov. 18-20.

“Science is finally catching up with science fiction,” said Craig Rusin, chief technology officer and co-founder of Medical Informatics. “When engineers, mathematicians and doctors come together and resonate, the result is the next generation of medicine. My goal is to use mathematical tools to extract hidden information from within patient data and present that to doctors in an intuitive way so they can better treat their patients.”

Through a unique interplay of analytics, science and medicine, Medical Informatics’ innovative “Sickbay” solution brings patient-specific analytics to a clinician’s fingertips. With the ability to reduce alarm noise at the source, enable virtual patient monitoring and even predict patient deterioration before it occurs, they are pushing the realms of possibility in patient care.

“I love my job,” said Emma Fauss, chief executive officer and cofounder of Medical Informatics. “I mean what could be better than waking up every day and working on a product that empowers health care professionals and has the ability to improve patient care? It’s an honor and I am proud to be a part of the Houston community that is helping to spread innovation throughout the Texas Medical Center.”

The empowerment Fauss refers to isn’t some abstract notion of a distant future; it’s happening right now. Medical Informatics is already giving doctors and nurses the tools they need, at the bedside, to save lives—Texas Children’s Hospital is currently employing “Sickbay” across the enterprise in multiple care settings. One of their innovative predictive analytics algorithms recently demonstrated the ability to predict cardiac arrest in single ventricle patients one to two hours in advance.

“As for The Hive, what a great opportunity,” added Fauss. “I’m so excited to be a part of TEDMED. I want to learn from other innovators where they have struggled and succeeded in introducing new ideas into health care. I feel the barriers to innovation in health care are often non-obvious and require creativity and perseverance to overcome. More importantly, I want to share our vision of what predictive medicine can be and show how this type of innovative work is breaking through old paradigms of traditional health care IT.”

TEDMED first learned about Medical Informatics during the 2012 TEDx Houston conference. In previous years, The Hive first manifested as innovation showcases nestled within TEDMED’s informal social spaces and in the form of short talks. At TEDMED 2015, The Hive will be integrated within community activities and throughout the larger stage program, ensuring a more collaborative experience for participants.

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