UTMB School of Nursing earns top honor

UTMB School of Nursing earns top honor

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The demand for nurses in the health care system continues to grow and the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston is working to meet that demand. Their efforts are being noted by who recently recognized the school for having the top online Master of Science nursing program in their national annual rankings.

In’s assessment it was noted that graduates of UTMB’s program are prepared to contribute to the improvement of health care, and also to influence health care policy through practice and research.

The School of Nursing received praise for equipping students with the ability to develop collaborative relationships with colleagues from nursing and other disciplines, preparing them for leadership roles in health care.

“UTMB’s School of Nursing has a reputation for producing exemplary graduates who excel clinically and professionally,” said Pamela G. Watson, dean of UTMB’s School of Nursing. “UTMB was the first in Texas to educate master’s degree-prepared nurse practitioners. We are proud of this legacy and honored to be recognized.”

The school was established in 1890 as the John Sealy Training School for Nurses. It was the first school of nursing west of the Mississippi and one of the first in the country to join a university when it became part of the medical branch.

UTMB’s school of nursing graduates more than 500 students annually and is the largest of UTMB’s four schools of education.

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