Networking Event for All Healthcare Professionals

Networking Event for All Healthcare Professionals

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Houston Young Professional Nurses is hosting a Networking event for all Healthcare Professionals.
Come Relax, make friends, smile and have a drink!
Attire: Costumes, Scrubs, Business Casual
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Reasons to Attend Networking Events

Exciting New Relationships = Exciting New Opportunities

1) Contribute and Volunteer:
Be part of this new and fast growing organization from the start. Get in on the ground level and give us your feedback directly. Meet all the people involved, volunteer and have a direct impact on the future of our events.

2) Job opportunities:
Networking events give you the opportunity to make meaningful connections with other nurses, managers and decision makers within our Texas Medical Center. You could potentially find the job of your dreams or find the right candidate for your facility.

3) Learn from the best:
Taking the time to come out and meet like minded professionals will give you the opportunity to share ideas, seek advice, and find solutions to challenges within your work life and have a direct impact at the department/organization level.

4) Mentorship opportunities:
Give back to the medical community by becoming a mentor for new Nursing students or a new Grad. Connect with experienced Nurses or Managers and get your in depth questions answered.

5) Destress, unwind, smile and enjoy your time off:
Come out and have a good time with professionals that can relate with you and the challenges you face as a healthcare provider. We have stressful careers and it’s important for us to take the time to socialize and have fun. Ultimately this will allow us to be better providers and give excellent care.

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