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Three Houston Hospice Nurses Receive Excellence in Nursing Award

Three Houston Hospice Nurses Receive Excellence in Nursing Award

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The Houston Hospice has been providing patients and families with comfort and dignity during one of the most critical times of their lives since 1980. This month, members of the Houston Hospice staff were recognized for their dedicated service and excellence in the field.

The nurses and staff at Houston Hospice have made it their mission to provide the best experience they can to patients and families during a very trying time in their lives. Rather than just going to hospice to die, the nurses exhaust nearly every source to make their patients comfortable and help them do the things they want to do, whether it be seeing their son’s new home or making a recipe book for posterity.

The Good Samaritan Foundation recognizes nurses annually with their Excellence in Nursing Awards. The awards are given to nurses based on a peer recommendation and evidence of going above and beyond with their service and care of patients.

This year, three nurses from the Houston Hospice were nominated and selected as recipients for the Excellence in Nursing Award. Paige Prokrop was selected as a recipient for the Silver Excellence in Nursing Award, Reagan Denmon and Karen Hoover received the Bronze Excellence in Nursing Award.

Prokrop was nominated by her peers for her ability to “think outside the box” when it comes to caring for her patients. Whether it is filling a prescription to make a patient more comfortable or reserving oxygen tanks so her patient can make a small road trip with her sister, Prokrop will make it happen.

“You always have a Plan A, but you have to be able to make Plan B, Plan C, Plan D in order to make things work sometimes,” said Prokrop. In Hospice care, a lot of unexpected things can happen and you have to be ready to make sure the patient and their families are comfortable.

Denmon has been working with Houston Hospice for two and a half years. After working in the industry and seeing a need for more compassionate caregivers during the time of death, she began her career in palliative care. The recipient of the Bronze Excellence in Nursing Award, Denmon is truly dedicated to her service as a case manager and strives to treat every patient with comfort, dignity and respect.

“I think it is a privilege to provide these families with services and support during such a critical time,” said Denmon.

Hoover has been a nurse for over 30 years and has been with Houston Hospice for the past five years. She is also the recipient of the Bronze Excellence in Nursing Award and was nominated for the excellent care and compassion she provides patients.

“I am very thankful for receiving this award,” said Hoover. “It makes me feel good to know that I am providing my patients with the best care I can. It is humbling and I am proud.”

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