Mark Rothko Exhibit Opens at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Mark Rothko Exhibit Opens at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

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Houston is home to many gems, one being the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. With its proximity to the Texas Medical Center, it is an ideal destination for doctors, patients, nurses and visitors alike to take a break from their day and experience something incredible.

On any given day, the collections at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, rival many in the United States and the world. For the next few months, Houstonians and those visiting Houston will have the chance to view the largest collection of Mark Rothko paintings since 1998.

To some, Houston has been a Rothko town since the Rothko Chapel opened here in 1971. The term is more fitting now than ever with the opening of “Mark Rothko: A Retrospective” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Bringing a collection of paintings of this magnitude was not an easy feat, but when Museum Director Gary Tinterow saw a chance, he made it happen.

“As a native Houstonian, the opening of the Rothko Chapel was one of the central events of my life,” said Tinterow. “When I saw the glimmer of a possibility of bringing this beautiful exhibition to Houston and giving broader meaning and context to the Rothko chapel, I felt this is one of the greatest contributions that we as a museum could make to the city.”

The majority of paintings in the exhibit are from the National Galley of Art in Washington, D.C. These paintings were mostly from Rothko’s personal collection and were given to the museum at the time of his death. They are known as “Rothko’s Rothkos.” In addition to the pieces from the National Gallery of Art, there are also paintings from the Menil Collection in Houston.

The exhibit takes viewers on a journey of Rothko’s life through his paintings giving viewers a chance to see a different side of Rothko than is seen at the Rothko Chapel.

“The Rothko Chapel is central to Houston’s identity as a cultural destination and it thrills me to be able to provide our visitors the full context of Rothko’s work, showing them the work that precedes the chapel,” said Tinterow.

The collection will be on display in the Beck Building of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, from September 20 until January 24, 2016. The museum is open six days a week (closed on Monday) and you can purchase tickets online or at the museum.

“There are many ways to access the museum and I hope that anyone who appreciates art, anyone who is fascinated by one man’s life journey will find inspiration, wonder and awe in these magnificent paintings,” said Tinterow.

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