StayWell introduces mobile health management app for Texas Children’s Pediatrics

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Managing health care decisions and accessing provider relationships is about to get easier for thousands of patients and families in the greater Houston, Texas area thanks to a new mobile application that will be introduced by Texas Children’s Pediatrics and the StayWell Company, LLC (StayWell). The ParentAdvice Center, available for Android and iPhone smartphones, will help families prepare for visits to Texas Children’s Pediatrics while offering mobile access to a library of children’s health topics that were previously only available online.

The new app, which was produced by StayWell, a leading provider of health education and engagement solutions, will help patients and families at Texas Children’s Pediatrics’ 49 practices better understand their children’s health symptoms. The app will give parents the support and information they need to make timely decisions about the appropriate level of care for their child — whether that means providing care for minor illnesses at home or finding a Texas Children’s facility. The mobile app will also give parents access to their child’s health records via the MyChart patient portal.

“When it comes to the health of our children and families, having immediate access to information can be both empowering and comforting,” said Elna Hamp, President, Patient/Member Education Solutions, StayWell. “Mobile technology like ParentAdvice Center puts essential decision support tools in patients’ hands, no matter where they are. It’s a perfect fit for the way people live and use health care today.”

StayWell partnered with Self Care Decisions, a software development company that specializes in health care apps and systems to produce ParentAdvice Center for Texas Children’s Pediatrics. The new mobile platform will provide a variety of valuable features, including:

  • Online symptom checker with access to 129 care guides, first-aid illustrations, parent message boards and over-the-counter medication guides.
  • Access to MyChart patient portal for personal medical information and to manage relationships with Texas Children’s hospitals and clinics.
  • Ability to find a practice or care facility within Texas Children’s Pediatrics, from individual pediatricians, urgent care centers or emergency rooms.
  • Tips on how to prepare for an appointment and connections to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

“This is an important step in meeting the needs of our families where it’s convenient for them on their smart phones,” explained Lou Fragoso, vice president of Texas Children’s Pediatrics. “Now, the hundreds of thousands of Texas Children’s Pediatrics patient families can have easy and quick access to helpful medical information and links to our pediatric practices, urgent care facilities and emergency rooms.”

Fragoso also noted, “The app, while targeted at existing Texas Children’s Pediatrics patient families, is available to any parent who wants to use the ParentAdvice Center.”

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