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Regina Bell

Regina Bell

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Proprietary Security Officer, Texas Medical Center
Served 8 years in the Army

Q | How did you hear about Hiring Red, White & You?

A | I had a friend who told me about it. Her name is Tina and she works here, too.

Q | What drew you to the medical center for your post-military careers?

A | It just kind of fit. It fit the military style—the discipline, things like that.

Q | How did your military experiences prepare you for your current job?

A | Being around different individuals, different people. You have to be around a lot of people so you have to try to get along and make do.

Q | What is your favorite thing about working here in the medical center?

A | Being around different people from different parts of the country. Everybody comes to the Texas Medical Center and I just like working around people. People come in for medical treatment and they’re already feeling kind of bad. When they get out of the vehicle, they see this big medical center and sometimes they’re going for treatment and when they come out they’re already sad and blue. We help them out. I feel good about it.

Q | What are your responsibilities in the medical center?

A | We do a lot of motorist assistance. We go inside the garage if someone gets lost—I do it myself sometimes, get out of the car and just walk away, and then come out and think, ‘Where did I park?’ So we assist in finding the vehicles, we assist if they leave their lights on and need a boost. We’re kind of like AAA, in a way. Putting air in the tires, we assist them in getting out of the garage. Sometimes people have difficulty with the machine itself. They have to work the chip, put the credit card in. So they’ll call us out to help with that.

Q | How was the transition from the military to civilian life?

A | It was a change. I miss the camaraderie of it. That’s here, too, but in the military you’re more of a group and you work together. Here we’re working on becoming a team, but I kind of miss that a little bit.

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