President’s Perspective

President’s Perspective

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For this inaugural issue of TMC Pulse, the new Texas Medical Center news magazine, we wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge National Nurses Week, May 6-12. It is fitting that we celebrate the role these dedicated individuals play in the success of each institution within the Texas Medical Center. Those who work alongside them understand well how valuable their work is to patient care.

Today’s nurses, and all medical professionals, are called to be more than bedside caregivers. They must also be tuned in to prevention, ongoing care, health management, chronic diseases…the list goes on. Health care today is a team sport, and the success of the team depends on proper communication, support, and collaboration. The individuals at every level of care— physicians, nurses, administrators, pharmacists, and therapists—are required, more than ever, to work collaboratively. To communicate. To share resources and information. To engage in a way that makes each individual instrumental to the team’s mission.

Technology has played a part in this paradigm shift, offering health care providers unprecedented access to patient records, clinical research and collaborative platforms. Add to this the unchanging standard of compassionate care across all, and you have a medical community positioned to deliver incomparable, personalized care. This is also the approach Texas Medical Center member institution leaders have committed to on a larger scale.

Individually, the members of the Texas Medical Center represent some of the best health care providers in the country; in research, education and patient care, they deliver exceptional results. Imagine, then, the incredible work that we can, and will, do together. The Texas Medical Center councils are among the resources available to help foster multi-institutional collaboration and communication. Members of the Council of Nurse Executives, Council of Pharmacy Executives, Council of Research Directors, Public Health Advisory Council, and others, offer a platform for professionals from across the medical center to gather and share ideas, issues, questions and experiences. These meetings serve as an opportunity for health care professionals to be a part of the conversations taking place in their fields, and to help elevate the level of care this community provides.

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