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In this issue of Pulse, you will see some of the incredible work being done by physicians and scientists across the Texas Medical Center in the field of regenerative medicine and stem cell research. Their commitment, along with that of countless others across this campus, has inspired unprecedented collaboration, and the promise to continue to strengthen those relationships and efforts in the future.

We see the Texas Medical Center campus as the perfect clinical test ground for exciting research and innovative treatments, and the work being done in regenerative medicine holds great promise. From the work of UT’s Charles Cox in pediatric brain injury, to the research that Texas Heart Institute’s Doris Taylor is doing in how stem cells can be used to repair human hearts, the experts on this campus are exploring the full range of potential for stem cells.

This year we will be looking to the implementation of the Texas Medical Center’s Strategic Plan. We have already taken the initial steps to build a promising relationship with Johnson & Johnson JLABS, we have welcomed the Health Policy Institute leadership, and we continue to look to new partnerships to help build upon the progress made in 2014.

We have so many bold, exciting plans for 2015, including several events that we hope will bring together health care professionals from across the state and the country.

We are looking forward to again hosting the Value-Based Health Care Delivery course, taught by renowned Harvard Business school professors Michael Porter and Robert Kaplan. They encourage participants to look critically at outcomes and cost measurement for patient care.

We are also proud to be co-hosting the Medical World Americas Conference from April 27-29. Last year’s conference brought together some of the great minds of the health care industry to explore promising new products and engage in panel discussions to help foster health care collaboration within and beyond the Texas Medical Center.

Last year ended on a high note, and we look forward to maintaining that momentum through 2015. We have the commitment, the expertise and desire to truly improve human health, and together we can do just that.

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