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Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell

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Operations Manager III, Houston Methodist Physician Specialty Group
Currently in the Army Reserves

Q | How did you hear about Hiring Red, White & You?

A | As I was leaving Korea after doing a tour there, I began looking for jobs. As I was applying for one here, I ran across the initiative. I’m from Houston.

Q | What are your responsibilities in the medical center?

A | The job I’m doing here is the Ops Manager for OB-Gyn. What I do mostly is make sure the day-to-day operations are running smoothly, address any immediate patient problems or any issues the doctors are having, and pretty much make sure all the staff and team have what they need to do their job.

Q | How did your military experiences prepare you for your current job?

A | As a captain, and especially one who has done command, you get an in-depth chance to learn about leadership because you’re over a company and you’re over various types of people within that company. You’ll have your admin folks, and you’ll have your doctors, nurses, or you may have just a different array of people. Being able to hone in on those experiences from the Army and being in the military and working with different folks in that arena, you can bring that back to the medical center field. It runs pretty parallel, just not as structured as the military. A different structure. This last tour for Korea, I was the medical operations liaison between the South Korean Army and the American Army to help coordinate plan building for the army as a whole, as far as medical goes.

Q | How was the transition from the military to civilian life?

A | It’s a smooth transition. People here are really helpful and really friendly. I think Houston Methodist has a very employee-centric environment so they’re all about making sure you’re OK and making sure that you’re moving into your position well.

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