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Health Policy Institute launches TMC72

Health Policy Institute launches TMC72

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The Health Policy Institute (HPI) has the imperative to be a valuable resource to the member institutions of the Texas Medical Center, as well as to the city, the state, and the nation and to become the trusted, unbiased source for health policy data and analytics for Texas. This goal is similar to that of the U.S. Institute of Medicine: “…to improve health providing independent guidance and analysis; the Institute aims to provide unbiased, evidence-based, and authoritative information and advice concerning health and science policy to policymakers, professionals, leaders in every sector of society, and the public at large.”

TMC72 is the first program of the Health Policy Institute and is intended to meet this goal. Launched on January 12, at the beginning of the new legislative session, TMC72 is a decision support program that offers assistance to state legislators, state and local officials, and TMC-member government relations’ representatives and CEOs in evaluating and creating public health policy.

After a request is made by secure email, we will produce answers to inquiries within 72 hours (hence the name TMC72). In the first 24 hours, data are gathered by analysts and then passed along to one to three members of the HPI Executive Advisory Committee,
a group of 11 senior individuals with deep expertise in policy analysis. The experts will then have 24 hours to provide a written analysis each in less than 100 words. In the final 24 hours, the director of the program and the director of the Institute will determine if additional clarification is needed. By the end of 72 hours, the brief will be returned by email.

The report will have four sections: the question, data requested in written and chart form, the sources for the data and the analyses. The request and the person submitting the question are kept strictly confidential, however the data that were used to provide the answer will be archived on the TMC72 website and available to the public. The program is available without charge.

The TMC Health Policy Institute is one of the few of its kind in the country. We are committed to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of health policy throughout our state. Providing the best data is not enough, as the information must be accurate, useful, timely, and presented in an easy-to-digest form. This is where we intend to provide value with TMC72.

For more information about TMC72 and the Health Policy Institute, visit

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