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Chances of dying from a heart attack or stroke falling

Chances of dying from a heart attack or stroke falling

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If you’re worried about your health, then you can stress a little less about dying from a heart attack or stroke.  According to Yale researchers, the rates have gone down by about 30 to 40 percent in the last 20 years.

“About 30 years ago, that risk of death was probably two and a half times what it is today. So, in 20 years we’ve decreased the risk of dying by heart disease by 50 percent.” explained Dr. Stephanie Coulter, Director of Women’s Heart and Vascular Health at the Texas Heart Institute.

Common sense and good drugs are the big contributors to the positive pronouncement.

“In the last decade alone, smoking rates have declined by another 23%, so we’ve made a big difference with the medicines that are available to treat blood pressure and cholesterol, and I submit to you that’s a really big part of the benefit as well.” said Coulter.

Staying fit and eating smarter have also made a big difference, but that doesn’t give a person a free pass.

Coulter added, “Heart disease and stroke are largely preventable, but they’re still the number one (cause of death) in America. There’s still plenty of work we have left to do.”

At least for now, both men and women can breathe a little easier about croaking from a coronary.

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