William F. McKeon

President and CEO

William McKeon is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Medical Center (TMC), the largest medical complex in the world. TMC is comprised of 60+ institutions, 120,000 employees, and an annual GDP of over $22 Billion. He is responsible for driving strategic, operational, and innovation initiatives to further TMC’s position as a global leader in life sciences.

Mr. McKeon’s professional career began at Du Pont, where he led marketing and business development in the U.K, Sweden, New York, and Boston. The foundation for his healthcare achievements was established at Stanford University Medical Center where he oversaw the Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiothoracic Surgery business. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Director of Market Development for Stanford’s 17 discrete business lines.

He then served as Executive Director at Raytel Medical Systems in Windsor, CT, the largest cardiac monitoring business in the U.S. During his tenure, he introduced a full-scale digitization of all business operations, enabling physicians to review EKGs online from anywhere in the world. Consequently, he was awarded the Computer World Smithsonian Award for Innovation in Medicine by the Top 10 U.S. Technology CEOs.

Mr. McKeon subsequently served as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Pharmaceutical Business Relations for U.S. Oncology, a cancer center network providing care for over 25% of the U.S. population and acquired by the McKesson Corporation. While there, he received a second Smithsonian Award for his role in developing the first automated system for matching cancer patients to clinical trials.

Mr. McKeon then moved to Medtronic Inc., the largest medical device company in the world. He led Strategy and Emerging Technologies across all of the Medtronic businesses. His main focus was to define the digital strategy for all Medtronic medical devices so that they could connect to cellular devices.

Mr. McKeon then relocated to Shanghai to serve as President and CEO of MicroPort, Inc, which he diversified and grew to become the largest medical device company in China. Following that, he relocated to London to serve as President and CEO of Cellnovo Inc., which delivered the world’s first wireless diabetes management system.

Mr. McKeon earned a Bachelor of Science in legal studies from Roger Williams University, and currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He earned a Master of Science in health care business management from the University of San Francisco. He currently sits on the boards of Greater Houston Partnership, Roger Williams University, Gilbane Building Company, Rice University Biotech Launch Pad, TMC Venture Fund, and the Texas Medical Center. 

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