Jason H. Sakamoto, PhD

Associate Director, TMC Center for Device Innovation Head, TMC Biodesign


Jason Sakamoto is a scientist and entrepreneur committed to the clinical translation of transformative medical innovation that addresses the challenges and unmet needs of human disease and patient journey. He presents a unique combination of experience that features over 20 years of innovative nanomedicine-based research and developing biotech startups, with a foundation in the medical device industry. Currently, Jason runs his consulting company Minus Nine Consulting, LLC, to provide technical expertise, business development, and entrepreneurial services to his clients. Recently, he joined TMC Innovation as an Innovation Strategist with hopes to contribute to the growth and development of the local biotech/life sciences community.

Prior to Minus Nine Consulting, Jason served as the VP of Development at NanoMedical Systems (NMS: Austin, Texas) where he and his colleagues translated academic-based medical device technology from the drawing board to product launch (and early sales). He joined NMS in 2015 after leaving his Assistant Professor position where he served as a Co-Chair of the Department of Nanomedicine at the Houston Methodist Research Institute (HMRI). As a faculty member, he lead research efforts developing novel nano-therapeutic drug delivery systems and nano-based regenerative medicine methods for lung regeneration and wound healing. He is a co-inventor of the Multistage nanoporous silicon nanovector delivery system technology that is currently on its way down the translational pathway. During his academic tenure, he also served as the Chief Operating Officer of the Alliance for NanoHealth. The Alliance was a consortium of eight institutions of the Texas Medical Center and the Greater Houston Texas Region. The mission of the Alliance was to collectively bridge the disciplines to develop nanotechnology-based solutions to unresolved problems in medicine and to facilitate the clinical translation of these new technologies through commercialization.

Jason received his undergraduate degree in Materials Science Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. After working at the Guidant Corporation (Santa Clara, CA) making cardiovascular and peripheral stents, he attended The Ohio State University where he received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering.

Specialties: Biotech start-up experience, entrepreneurial consulting, nanomedicine, medical device, R&D/product development, cGMP manufacturing

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