AT&T Foundry

AT&T Foundry


Bridging the Gap between Hospital and Home

The AT&T Foundry for Connected Health@TMC is dedicated to developing technology solutions that bridge the gap between clinical and home settings with the goal of improving patients’ quality of life.

The AT&T Foundry is a network of innovation centers. We explore new territory by prototyping ideas with startups, technology providers and customers. With every project we try to build positive connections. We are passionate about creating real solutions that add exponential value for customers. At our 6 locations worldwide, the Foundry is a preview of the future.

The AT&T Foundry @ TMC Innovation is a space for collaborating to solve the challenges of healthcare technology where there are not clear answers or solutions. By utilizing AT&T’s and our collaborators’ capabilities and expertise, we design and develop prototypes of solutions to help collaborators get to market faster.


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